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Blagoveshchenskaya embankment drowned in ambition

What happens to the most provocative project on the border with China

In 2012, the Amur Region launched the Golden Mile investment zone. 12 billion rubles were planned to be invested in the tourist and recreational area on the border of China and Russia. At 40 hectares of the Amur river's intramural territory they wanted to build hotels, boutiques, an amphitheater, an ice arena and even a cable car. Prepare the site for the "construction of the century" promised until 2018 year. But for today it was possible only to fall asleep under the buildings part of the Amur. Correspondent EastRussia learned about the causes of the collapse of the megaproject and its prospects.

Blagoveshchenskaya embankment drowned in ambition
Stepping proximity of China with a border population of almost 2 million people, visa-free territory, an endless stream of tourists - all served as indubitable ingredients for the success of the Golden Mile. Go out to self-sufficiency was planned in less than 8 years. Rosturizm undertook to realize the idea of ​​local authorities. Financial components of the project: 2,1 billion rubles of federal funds, another 1,1 billion rubles from the Amur budget, while the main 9 billion rubles were expected from investors.

Parallel to the preparatory work, investors were looking for. Budget funds have partially mastered - to fall asleep 40 hectares of the river cost 1,2 billion rubles. With investments it was more difficult. Many people wanted to invest in a unique construction project over the years. But the real contract was not followed.
Between dreams and reality there was another large-scale construction. More precisely, its conservation took place. Since 2008 on the Amur River there has been a reconstruction of the embankment under the program "Economic and Social Development of the Far East and Transbaikalia for the period up to 2013". At the start of the "Golden Mile" bank protection was almost completed, less than 10% was left. The work was decided in parallel. But the plans broke the flood in 2013, the ensuing crisis and the disruption of the federal program, through which construction was conducted. Financial flows stopped, the developer went bankrupt and in 2015 year of work finally stopped.

For the second year, the regional authorities have been searching for 4 billion rubles for the remaining 2,8% bank protection. Without them, it is simply impossible to bring the engineering communications to the “Golden Mile”. The water supply system, sewage collector, connection to the CHP and energy systems of this area remain on paper.

"Without the creation of engineering infrastructure, it is impossible to implement business projects," Oleg Safonov, head of Rosturizm, noted during the visit to the Amur Region in December 2016. - We must bring heat, electricity, storm sewers. After that, investors will build the objects in question. "

The last futuristic project "Golden Mile" was developed in 2016-m specifically for the Hong Kong company. Foreigners were ready to invest up to 1 billion dollars. But the deal was once again broken.

- Investors are interested in this sector every year. But when it comes to details, they understand that it is too early to invest there, - an interlocutor from the government of the Amur Region shared with EastRussia on the conditions of anonymity. - Because for them it is important to pay back soon, to profit. The project is successful and consistent, when there is a clear understanding of its complex financial model. Today, the issue of financing the infrastructure stops. Otherwise, the Golden Mile would have been put into practice long ago.

Despite the apparent hopelessness, the Annunciation quay is gradually acquiring new outlines. For September, it is planned to open its next section. The nearest to the "Golden mile" territory in half a kilometer will be repaired at the expense of the federal program of accomplishment. More than two thousand trees and shrubs, almost 20 thousand square meters of lawns, flower beds will be located on the renovated terrain. Also there will be an 100-meter platform with slides and carousels for children of different ages. Gigantic architectural designs are also assumed. Partly fail communication. The total cost of work is about 70 million rubles.

- Here there will be a summer water supply and electric communications, - the director of the contractor of works of Open Company "Server" Alexander Kharchenko has shared. - We will install more than 100 lighting structures in total.

"Reconstruction of the embankment this year was largely made possible by the federal program of urban improvement, which was supported by President Vladimir Putin. And in Blagoveshchensk, we took into account the opinion of the residents, and decided to equip the site of the embankment of the Amur River, "said the governor of Priamurye Alexander Kozlov, inspecting 8 August construction work on the embankment.

As stressed by the agency's interlocutor from the Amur government, it's the easiest to implement point projects in practice. Today, the "trend" is industrial and industrial, rather than social and recreational. It's trite because it's easier to earn it.

The likely outcome of the events on the Blagoveshchenskaya embankment is a separate approach to its final reconstruction. It is almost impossible to find several billions in today's conditions. Only after the final supply of engineering communications and the completion of the bank fortification of the Amur is it necessary to return to the embodiment of the unique megaproject "Golden Mile". Then it is quite possible to appear on the border river and the ice arena, and the cable car.

Temporarily unfinished quay fenced a six-kilometer fence. A scattered plot of the Amur in 40 hectares is actively used for championships on rally and motocross, on holidays it is launched with salutes, in winter international hockey fights are held.
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