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Business forum acquires Far East

Another event begins to claim the agenda of the whole DFD

Khabarovsk Krai does not abandon attempts to become a center for discussion of problems of small and medium-sized business from all over the Far East - in contrast to the fourth Eastern Economic Forum to be held in September of 2018 in Primorye, the four-day third Far Eastern Business Forum was scheduled for October in the region. EastRussia watched as the most urgent business problems try to fit into the agenda of the future event.

Business forum acquires Far East
The draft program of the Far Eastern Business Forum, which should be the third in a row, published on the official website of the event: according to the document, the meeting of business and government, traditionally held in the Khabarovsk Territory in October, this year will be four days. On the "zero" day of the forum, October 10, the organizers intend to hold the Day of the Social Entrepreneur - as Tatyana Bartyuk, the head of the department for the development and support of entrepreneurship of the regional ministry of economy, explained at a meeting on Wednesday at a meeting where the agenda of the future forum was discussed, federal experts will participate in the event, including from the "Agency for Strategic Initiatives", representatives of the Far Eastern Federal District and acting social entrepreneurs. 

The main agenda of the forum is planned to be unveiled over the next two days, said Deputy Minister of Economy Yuri Rybko, and the final day, 13 October, to devote to master classes and work in the format workshop. The forum will be called "Prospects for business in the centers of economic growth," which also reflects the "fresh" federal agenda: it was the "growth points" for all Far Eastern entities that had been provided with federal funding that began to adopt plans for socioeconomic development last year. 

The message on the forum's website says that representatives of business will be invited to discuss "the digital economy, reformatting support for small and medium-sized businesses, procurement from companies with state participation, financial instruments, business climate (administrative barriers), labor resources, labor productivity, education, professional standards; social, youth entrepreneurship, export support, regulatory impact assessment institution. " "In addition, the forum will reflect the regional development:" Far Eastern hectare, "TOSER, the free port of Vladivostok, the Great Ussuri island," - said in a statement. Yury Rybko explained that federal officials and "governors who will come" besides the head of the region Vyacheslav Shporta will be invited to participate in the event. 

Alexander Zhirikov, co-chairman of the Opora Rossii registrar, noted that a month ago, the new Minister for the Development of the Far East, Alexander Kozlov, called the development of measures to implement the presidential decree of May 7, 2018 No. 204 "On national goals and strategic objectives" as the most pressing issue for interaction between business and government. development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2024 "(the so-called" new May decree "). “Of course, I will insist that in the nomination of the“ Business Success ”competition, which is timed to coincide with the forum, and in its program itself, provisions should be included that will“ deploy ”all of us to fulfill the goals of the 204th decree. the option is to create "project offices" from municipalities, constituent entities of the Russian Federation and entrepreneurs, only in this case we could together achieve the goals set by the president, "he said. 

The entrepreneurs of the Far East have a lot of questions about the personnel training system, recalled Milan Rasputin, the general director of the executive directorate of the Union of Employers of the Khabarovsk Territory. According to her, the national qualification system, which should reduce the gap between the demand of employers and what resources the education system prepares, actually began to be introduced in the regions only last year. "The basis of the system is professional standards, of which more than 1,1 thousand have already been approved. What else is needed to quickly introduce this into practice, we plan to discuss at the forum," she explained.

The discussion of control and supervisory activities, mainly on the part of federal agencies, remains topical, according to Oleg Gerasimov, the regional business ombudsman: "The whole ideology of control and supervision activity today is to go to the businessman." But business always has questions. we invite representatives to protect the rights of entrepreneurs from 20 regions.We previously invited those who want to learn from experience.Today, after the region took 18 place in the national rating of the investment climate, we already have ask - how you have succeeded? We expect that there will be a large number of guests. " "There should be a resolution with specific recommendations on amending the legislation: the voice of one entrepreneur is not heard, another is the forum," he added.
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