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"Bige": reliability, verified by the North

The success story of the company, which is engaged in the production of modern acrylic paints and varnishes unique for the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

For 5 years of existence the company "Bige" has shown amazing results: from the development of own technologies to 600 tons of finished products per year with the possibility of expanding to 4500 tons. Already for a year of operation, Bigey LLC has successfully established itself in the paint and varnish market of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), now the company delivers its products to all regions of Yakutia and, of course, develops the Far East market. After appearance in the region of the TOP "Industrial Park of Kangalassy" the company took advantage of new opportunities and invested in the construction of production at this site. In the near future Bigey plans to enter the market of Central Russia with its new products, and in the medium term - to the Asian market.

"Bige": reliability, verified by the North
The company's founders, Andrey and Aitalina Neustroev, brother and sister, spoke about the company's success. When entrepreneurs first started their business, they were surrounded by sheer skepticism. It seemed that the production of paints and varnishes is possible only in large industrial cities.

Recalling the beginning of her entrepreneurial path, co-founder of Bige LLC Aitalina Neustroeva talks about how it was difficult to fight stereotypes: "First of all, it was very difficult not to lose faith in your business and continue to work, despite the absence of similar producers in the region and People's unbelief in the possibility of realizing our dreams. We knew that there are certainly no companies like us in the Far East and certainly were not in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). And we consciously create our own way: from the development of the author's technology to the production of finished products on the basis of local raw materials and expanding their activities beyond the borders of the republic. "

The co-founder and director of the organization, Andrei Neustroev, continues: "From the very first days we have been betting on the quality of our products. The name "Bige" is translated from Yakut as "reliability." A constantly growing network of partners and consumers proves this. And it is reliability that helped us secure the confidence of the state and receive timely support. "

A correct assessment of the market and its capabilities, along with diligence and perseverance, helped the children not to break. As the young business began to show its effectiveness, new opportunities for growth opened up.

It is well known that private production is practically not developed in the Russian Far East. Entrepreneurs are engaged in trade, fearing to take on new resource-intensive production.

The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) pays attention to the issues of economic diversification and invests in promising science-intensive projects. Today in Yakutia an effective system of support of innovative business has developed: from development institutes to the territory of advanced development "Industrial Park of Kangalassa". These tools allow investment projects to reduce production costs, receive administrative and financial support, and apply tax incentives.

A striking example of the passage of such a phased development is LLC "Bige". In the year of its creation, in 2012, the enterprise becomes a resident of the Technopark "Yakutia". In 2013, Yakutia Venture Company financed a complete modernization of production equipment and training of the company's process engineers abroad.

Now Biga is a resident of the Industrial Park Kangalassa Tor and occupies the territory of 5500 thousand square meters. meters, including 1300 square. meters of production and storage facilities. The preferences granted to residents of TOR, allow to expand production.

Despite the achieved level of quality of its products, comparable to European counterparts, the company does not stop there and continues to pay great attention to scientific research. Thus, the subsidiary company Bigey is a resident of the Technopark "Yakutia", which allows it to use the Regional Engineering Center for its research and to certify products without interruption from the main production.

Thanks to its own developments and the unique climate of Yakutia, the products have received recognition from most construction organizations and large industrial enterprises of the republic. In addition, paints and varnishes, tested by the Yakut cold, are in deserved demand among the population. "Bige" has several patents for its developments in thermal insulation coatings and thermal insulation facade paint. Products manufactured using these technologies have proven their effectiveness in multiple tests.

Now the company employs 19 people, each of whom is a high-class specialist. The director of the enterprise, Andrei Neustroev, admits that it was not easy to find every employee: good specialists with a technological background usually do not find use in the Far East and move to Moscow and other large cities. But it is not enough to find a specialist with the appropriate education, you need people to be interested in self-improvement and strive to learn the latest developments in their field.

Many employees literally grow with the company. AT
"Bige" students practice and write a thesis on topics related to the company's activities. Promising graduates receive an offer to work after the practice.

Employees of the "Bige" regularly undergo training and improve their qualifications in the leading institutes of Russia and abroad, especially in Germany. For example, engineers-technologists are sent to courses of improvement of professional skill at least twice a year. The enterprise constantly participates in republican and federal competitions on innovative projects.

The use of the latest technologies does not require the maintenance of a large number of personnel. In a small team "Bige" reigns a friendly, open atmosphere. Ideas of new products and enterprise development strategies are born in the process of brainstorming. The implementation of their ideas in life motivates the Bigey team for even greater goals.

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