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Safety is always in fashion

In Polymetal, labor protection was made a lifestyle for employees.

World Labor Day, which is celebrated on April 28, has become almost another professional holiday for enterprises belonging to Polymetal. It was established by the International Labor Organization to help prevent accidents and illnesses in the workplace across the globe. Polymetal has traditionally set the bar high for the level of labor protection, in which the EastRussia correspondent could see for himself on the eve of a specialized date by visiting the production site of Albazino Resources LLC.

Safety is always in fashion
Photo: Ruslan Shamukov

The fact that the Albazinsky GOK is a strict place from the point of view of observing safety rules becomes clear even at the preparatory stage for the trip to the Kh. Polina Osipenko. A request for the sizes of clothes and shoes is not just a formality: the very first attempt to slip past the commandant of the hostel in a jacket from “ordinary” life, rather than a workmanship with light reflectors, is stopped at the root.

- Every person arriving at the rotational camp passes mandatory safety instructions. We demonstrate everything clearly, for this there are videos for each case. Then - offset. Everything is serious, - says Kirill Borodin, deputy chief engineer for labor protection and industrial safety of Albazino Resources LLC.

For each of the 600 people of staff and 500 employees of contracting organizations (plus stray swallows like journalists), the GOK’s management is responsible not only for its head, but also for the company's reputation.

“Personal protective equipment (PPE) and compliance with the rules is a guarantee of the safety of any employee, whether you are a driver, director, driver or journalist,” Kirill Borodin instructs.

The law is harsh ...

Got into the car - buckle up. The ripening in the head, "Yes, all right, you have no traffic cops here" crumbles to dust under the sensitive sight of the DVR. He writes what is happening outside, and everything inside. Records are checked in random order, so the rules are followed not only by the light of the sun, but also in the twilight of an underground mine.

The requirement applies not only to Polymetal transport, but also to contractors. Without a DVR, their cars are not allowed into the territory of Albazinsky GOK.

- Safety should be in everyone's head, everyone should understand how and what to do. And at the production site, and in everyday life. We pay a lot of attention to safety, first of all - to working with people, - Oleg Voronin, Chief Engineer of Albazino Resources, introduces the situation. - The life and health of employees is our top priority.

And in "Polymetal" they do not save on the safety of employees. Oleg Anatolyevich emphasizes that labor protection is not only instructions and circulars. An integrated approach is based primarily on experience that has been developed over the years.

One of the flagships for the extraction of precious metals in Russia and Kazakhstan seeks to create a culture of "zero injury." This means that each employee assumes personal responsibility, both for his own safety and for the safety of his colleagues.

- Our employees are well aware that ensuring safe working conditions is primarily in their interests. It is a little more difficult with contractors, those who are busy with us in the construction of new facilities, in transporting people, maintaining order in household premises, and so on, that is, they are here temporarily. But we are also trying to instill responsibility in them, otherwise we simply will not cooperate, ”says Oleg Voronin.

Responsible attitude of employees and in the constant introduction of technical solutions in the field of labor protection, helps the company to move in the direction of "zero injury". For example, in the underground mine LLC Albazino Resources, the first in the company began to use the cable fastening of the spent chambers of the underground mine, thus avoiding the collapse of the rock. Here they began to use the laying of a mixture of concrete and cement milk.

I can see everything from above

Open-cast mining at the largest of the three quarries, Anfisa, is also under supervision. For a year now, as at Albazinsky GOK, a georadar has been installed, which makes it possible to warn in advance about the displacement of a mountain range.

“This year we planned to extract 8,7 million cubic meters of rock from all quarries. Emergency situations are absolutely useless here, ”says Yevgeny Shiryaev, chief career engineer.

If earlier the deformation of the pit walls could be fixed only by the surveyor by instrumental monitoring of the pit walls, now the geolocator also helps in this.

In his memory, a career scan zone is set. As soon as the first signs of deformation appear in the quarry, the radar detects and analyzes them, when the deformation criteria reach a critical value, the dispatcher receives the corresponding signal and he immediately alerts the mining foreman. When receiving a command from the dispatcher, the mining master promptly removes the equipment from the face.

- The radar scans the pit walls in real time, fixing the deformation from 1 mm and displays the information on the screen, special attention is paid to the areas selected by the geomechanic. We observe, we fix in what part there were changes and by what criteria. Analyze a combination of different factors, including speed, velocity factor, coherence and inverse velocity offset. Comparing the data, we understand what kind of movement takes place in a career, ”explains leading observer, OOO Albazino, Igor Ganzha.

The “angle of view” of the GPR is 270 degrees. Especially he helps out in those areas where it is impossible to approach a person. And in winter, when snow complicates instrumental monitoring. The device is able to explore objects at a distance from 30 to 3,5 thousand meters. By the way, GPR recently came to the attention of Albazin rationalizers. In order not to constantly evacuate a technical miracle at the time of blasting, he was built a protective cover - a kind of armor.

- Lower the shutters, close the casing, turn off the radar at this time. An explosion is made. Gave a release, opened, launched a radar. The command is given remotely. And further scanning continues, - says Igor Ganzha.

... and seen from below

Technical control, which allows to avoid errors inherent in the human factor, is also used in underground work. There wherever you throw - all potential danger: explosions, heavy machines with attached equipment, water sticking through the rock and difficult communication. The problem was solved about two years ago by installing a kind of beacons in the headlamps.

- This is the development of the Ural Institute UralTechIs, created to position the mountain transport and people during mining. A network of sensors is located throughout the mine. The person, passing or passing by them, is fixed, and data about him are output to the computer in the control room. In the case of an emergency, it is easy to determine which sensors are located in the zone. With the expansion of mine workings, the positioning system is also expanding. There are practically no restrictions on the depth of the mine, ”explains Rustam Mukhitdinov, an engineer of instrumentation and automated control systems at Albazino Resources LLC.

Everything is designed so that even if the headlamp goes out, the remaining battery charge will last for several hours of the sensor beacon.

- The positioning system is also used for the purpose of emergency notification. According to the number stitched in the block, each person can be individually called from the control room. To the one who is in the mine, there is a sound or light (the lamp starts flashing) signal. The officer on the radio communicates with the surface, he was given the necessary information. Or at the same time we can give an alarm signal to all the lights in order to exit the mine, ”adds Mukhitdinov.

Radios are also actively used. Phones in the depths of the Far Eastern ores are only possible wired, and they are located at certain points - you will not carry it away in your pocket. The radio allows you to always be in touch and, if necessary, promptly call for help.

And I go all this

By the way, about the workwear, with the mention of which we started the story about labor protection in “Albazino Resources”. It turned out that branded overalls are a fashion trend. PR of Polymetal launched this year a project aimed at promoting costumes for professionals involved in various fields and all kinds of personal protective equipment - “Miss in PPE”.

The five employees of the Albazinsky GOK managed to become the pioneers of this somewhat extravagant project, but in an instant it became popular with the people who were engaged in serious work.

A professional make-up artist, a venerable metropolitan photographer, glasses, masks, gloves, helmets - this is far from an incomplete “gentleman's set” that determines the success of the project. Under the onslaught of beauty, clearly demonstrating the feasibility of using the existing arsenal of personal protective equipment, even the precise schedule of mining trucks could not resist. The slender ranks of these magnificent machines, one wheel of which is taller than a man, obediently pranced, following the instructions of the photographer and the rays of light.

For all the participants of the project, shooting "like on the cover" was the first such experience. And very soon, models of production will appear on posters.

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