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Safety is number one priority

How in the Yakutsk branch of Polymetal they follow the rules of safe work

Today, worldwide attention is paid to industrial safety issues, as an integral part of industrial development. Mining enterprises, like any production, have risk factors. For the most effective implementation of the security management system, it is necessary to take into account the requirements of legislation and international standards, as well as individual conditions, internal management and production processes.

Safety is number one priority
Photo: the press service of "Polymetal"


“Security is and always will be our top priority. We are creating a safety culture that extends to all aspects of our business, ”says Vitaliy Nesis, General Director of Polymetal.

At Polymetal enterprises, caring for employees is a paramount task. Workplace safety procedures continue to be improved here. Labor protection is not only instructions and circulars. An integrated approach is based primarily on experience that has been developed over the years.

The company strives to create a culture of "zero injuries." This means that each employee takes personal responsibility, both for their own safety and for the safety of their colleagues. The responsible attitude of employees and the constant implementation of technical solutions in the field of labor protection helps the company move in the chosen direction.

The company understands that the vast geography of activity, differences in working conditions at enterprises, and the employment of specialists in various types of work require an integrated approach to security issues, such as responsible leadership, corporate culture and risk management.



The basis of the approach to security in Polymetal is a risk management system. Today, all Polymetal enterprises are implementing a comprehensive program in the field of health and safety. So, in 2018, the company introduced a system of on-time risk assessment (EOP), which increases employee awareness of hazardous working conditions, identifies and corrects risks. The EOR system is widely used in almost all areas.

Before the shift, each employee of the company must verify the safety of his workplace. If he sees that his workplace is unsafe, he must immediately stop work and reflect this on the EOP card, and the management, having learned about the problem, is obliged to take measures to eliminate the cause of the danger. This constant feedback allows you to receive timely information on what and where to improve, say the company.



In the South Verkhoyansk Mining Company (UVGK, part of Polymetal), as well as in other enterprises of the company, they implemented the communication program “Be sure of safety. Within its framework, the first persons of the enterprise and the managers of the South-West Geological and Mineral Resources Group, from geological to storage facilities, signed personal obligations for safe work.

“Rules are a guarantee of life. Neither experience nor courage, but only the rules. A careful attitude to labor protection is inherent in the heads of all departments. A personal example here is very important so that people have someone to follow. Also, any employee from whom a suggestion or comment on labor protection and fire safety comes from will be heard. Only together we can make working conditions truly safe, ”says Alexander Simon, Managing Director of South-West Timber Mill.

“My principle is, first of all, start with yourself. If I do not follow the rules on labor protection and industrial safety, then how can I ask people for their misconduct? I hung the signed obligations on a mirror in my office, now I constantly see these obligations and myself, who is responsible for them, ”says Vakhtang Zakaidze, head of the energy and mechanical service of the Nezhdaninskoye field.

Now, ordinary employees are joining the leaders: geologists, engineers, chemists. The deputy chief surveyor Vyacheslav Teleshko spends five minutes of safety every day.

“Good habits can gradually move mountains. Therefore, the trained team did not have to convince the need to sign personal obligations for safe work. We work in a serious company where safety in continuous production is a priority, ”says Vyacheslav Teleshko.

Miner Yevgeny Dalbaraev came to South-Ore Mining and Processing Complex from another mining enterprise. He notes that the company creates conditions for safe work.

“When you see that in a matter all the colleagues are unanimous, I cannot and do not want to stay away. We have someone to follow - our leaders are very responsible for safety at work. This can be seen in the daily shift, in ordinary conversations and attention to prevention. When you see such a serious and diligent attitude to everything among your leaders, you don’t want to let them down. In any case, increasing responsibility is development. I take an example from my leaders, ”explains Yevgeny Dalbaraev.


Gratitude Raids became traditional at the Nezhdaninskoye field, when the head of the enterprise bypasses production units and gives thanks and gifts to the best employees for their active participation in ensuring safety at their workplace. When choosing the best, the entries in the EOR maps and the activity of employees to improve labor safety are taken into account.

In 2019, the best division was the open-cast mining site. All the heroes received letters, cash prizes, souvenirs and stickers on work helmets with the company logo “Be sure of safety!”.

Also, according to the results of the year, the Nezhdaninskoye field was awarded the diploma “The Best Contracting Organization for Ensuring Safe Conditions and Labor Protection”. Here, blasting and drilling operations, excavation of rock mass, transport services are performed by four contractors, the activities contain potential risks.

The partners were given a clear task - to bring the labor protection and industrial safety management systems in accordance with the requirements of the law and company standards.

“We have organized more than one face-to-face meeting with companies' teams, renewed contracts, standardized labor protection requirements, and increased fines. Today, the criterion of reliability in terms of safety is included in the tender procedure when choosing organizations. Gradually, we have ensured that the key contractors meet all the safety criteria of our company. The main thesis in working with partners “One territory - one rules” ceases to be declarative and becomes a norm of life ”- explained Sergey Sinitsin, head of the labor protection and industrial safety department of the South-Verkhoyansk mining company.

Polymetal's health and safety management measures allow it to comply with all requirements of Russian legislation, as well as the international standard ISO 45001. The “life, not a plan” approach has extended to all employees, including the company's contractor partners. The measures taken make it possible to reduce the LTIFR, the Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate.

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