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Uncut: Sberbank Offers New Business Solutions

A business credit card allows you to conveniently pay for services and save on interest

Sberbank issued the first business credit card on the market. Its main difference from credit cards for individuals is the high amount of the limit and the presence of partners who provide an increased grace period for paying bills when buying in their stores. It allows you to purchase everything you need for your business, while providing cashback and bonuses from the bank's partners, and also helps to save on interest. Such a card can be issued for a legal entity and an individual entrepreneur and linked to a current account. With its help, you can settle accounts with contractors, pay for purchases, travel and other expenses.

Uncut: Sberbank Offers New Business Solutions

You can pay with a business card for goods and services for the implementation of the company's activities. Most often, such a card is used to pay for hospitality and travel expenses, business dinners, airline tickets or expenses under an agreement with a supplier for postpaid invoice. You can make payments with a business card both in the retail network and on the Internet, including in foreign stores - the card is international.

In this case, several business cards can be issued to one current account. You can also prohibit the withdrawal of cash and leave only the possibility of cashless payments. Such a card does not imply restrictions on calculations, unless the owner sets them himself.  


A business card allows you to pay for purchases without issuing cash for a report and processing payments. Thus, you no longer have to spend money on commissions for payment orders. 

You can issue several business cards to one current account, which will allow you to make purchases and settlements for the needs of the company not only for the manager and accountant, but also for employees. To quickly find out about each transaction and control expenses on a business card, it is enough to connect SMS-informing, and the Sberbank Business Online application will allow you to set a limit on the card, view reports and order new cards. 


The business card allows you to set a limit for each type of payment in order to optimize costs and better control them. It can be set to the type of transactions, for example, cash withdrawals or purchases. Moreover, the threshold for the amount for each type of spending can be changed at any time.

You can make different limits for different employees, for example, set a limit for a specific business trip to a specific employee. His spending on the card during the trip can be tracked in the history of operations.


Depending on the needs and goals of the company, you can choose the most suitable business card tariff for it. You can use the free trial period to understand which option is right. 

For example, there is a digital card with a minimum service rate of 100 rubles per month. At the same time, the Business Cashback program operates for all business cards, when bonus points are awarded for purchases that can be converted into rubles.


The pandemic has shown that businesses need some reserve in case of business interruption. In this case, the business credit card will act as an airbag.

Also, such a business credit card allows you to avoid late payment to the supplier, to keep the contract and not to pay interest on the contract. With the help of such a card, you can pay off with a partner, and after the receipt of money in the account, pay off the debt.


Another way to save money using a business card is to connect to the Business Cashback program. For purchases, bonus points are awarded, which can be converted into rubles. 

Also, business card holders have access to discounts and privileges from payment systems and bank partners. They allow you to reduce the cost of various services, for example, freight, staff recruitment, medical care.


You can apply for a business card immediately when opening an account with Sberbank, if it is not there yet. On the bank's website, you can choose the type of card you are interested in and fill out a short application. After that, a Sberbank employee will contact you by phone and help you reserve an account, as well as prepare documents for opening an account and a business card.

If a company or an entrepreneur already has a current account with Sberbank, then it is enough to log in to Sberbank Business Online, click the “Issue card” button in the “Cards” section and fill out the form that opens, choosing the type of card.


Sberbank also has an affiliate program "Business without cuts", thanks to which cardholders have an extended grace period for lending from partners throughout Russia. Among the federal partners are such companies as Megafon, Insurance House VSK, Gett Business Solutions.

At the regional level, construction companies, pharmacies, shops and many other organizations participate in the program. For example, in Sakhalin, the Zodchiy company has become a partner, which sells building materials, household goods and household chemicals wholesale and retail. In Khabarovsk, the VostokServiceAmur company, which sells workwear, the Gidrolux engineering systems store, the Tretyakovka company, which sells office furniture and home furniture, produces custom-made doors, and the Lime hotel complex, joined the program. In Blagoveshchensk, the partner of the program is the StroyMaster company, which is engaged in the wholesale and retail sale of building materials. A complete list of partners can be viewed at Online Bank.


Partner enterprises also benefit greatly from participation in the program. For them, this is an opportunity to attract new customers, increase the number of purchases and the average check. At the same time, the partner company receives the entire amount at once, and there is no need to work with installments - Sberbank takes over. The company is only required to transfer a percentage of transactions to the bank once a month. 

To become a partner of the "Business without cuts" program from Sberbank, you need to have electronic document management with Sberbank, a terminal for card payments. And on social networks and the media, there should be no negative reviews about the company. To join the program, you need to contact the client manager who will tell you how to become a member.

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