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Free land and money are needed

The funds from the "Bank of Post" are used by the recipients of "Far Eastern hectares"

In the spring of 2017, the "Post Bank" and the Development Fund for the Far East and the Baikal Region (FRDV) launched a unique loan product - a program of lending to the recipients of the "Far Eastern hectare". All citizens of Russia, we recall, have the right to receive free land plots of land in the Far East with an area of ​​not more than 1 hectare. The service from "Post Bank" is not just a loan for up to 600 thousand rubles with a low interest rate. This is the delivery through a single site of the most popular goods and services for "hectares", paid from the loan amount. The key feature of the program is that all calculations are made by a non-cash method.

Free land and money are needed
"Preferential lending is one of the state support measures aimed at stimulating demand for land in the east of the country," explains Georgy Gorshkov, first vice president and chairman of the Post Bank Board. - We are satisfied with the dynamics of the program: we have already considered more than 1000 applications from owners of "Far Eastern hectares", 300 of them have already been approved. The number of partner companies in the Far Eastern regions for 8 months of the program implementation has multiply multiplied and reached 350 companies. These are not bad results, and we are confident that next year the dynamics of concessional lending will be even more positive. "

It is important that the bank does not issue a cash loan to the client - it approves a certain credit limit, within which the borrower can purchase the goods and services necessary for the development of the territory in the shops and companies of the program partners. The first recipients of the funds under the preferential program "Bank's Post" in the Far East told what they spend loans on their "Far Eastern hectares."

Ekaterina Nikolaevna and Sergey Aleksandrovich Kumenov, city ​​of Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, Khabarovsk territory:
- In the program "Far Eastern hectare" in our region we were the first swallows. Immediately formalized one for me, one for the husband. In the district newspaper, they deducted that the "Post Bank" gives a special loan for "hectares" on preferential terms. We were attracted by a low interest rate, we took 270 thousand rubles for 5 years under 12%. A motoblock was immediately ordered to cultivate the land, a forage cutter, an incubator, a separator, a concrete mixer for construction, a snow plow and barbed wire to make a fence of cows on our hectares. We keep six goats and the elite tribal goat Richard, his father is brought from Eagle, and Richard's grandfather is from Germany. He is handsome, like a horse, brown, with black mane, his horns are wrapped like a ram. Also there are geese, Indotka, 5 Bramov hens and fifty ordinary ones. The cock of the Brama breed is shaggy, big, the size of a stool. We also have a gander Martin and two of his girls - Dasha and Ksenia. We sell milk - very fatty, good. We sell eggs. But not in stores: we have regular customers who come by themselves.

Hectares we took on the land where there were not decorated gardens. We gave people the opportunity to harvest in the fall and warned that these were now our plots. In the spring we will fertilize one hectare and plant it with oats. And on the second plot in the first year we sow potatoes. Our hectares are located in the suburb of Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, near the forest begins, a hill, a little river, and there is already Amur across the road. Four years are left until retirement, and I just hope that we will repay the loan, we will retire and build a house with a flock in order to live directly there. Our children, Viktor and Victoria, are 14 years old, they are already actively helping with the housework.

Dmitry Kolkowiec, from. Bogorodskoe, Ulchsky District, Khabarovsk Territory:
- In the "Post Bank" I took a loan amounting to 350 thousand rubles and a term of 5 years. Money was spent on a used mini-tractor with mills to plow the garden, with a hiller so that you can hack, cut the rows, and with a potato digger to simplify your work. Slowly developing. I was the head of the settlement for four years, now I work as a watchman in the orphanage. I'm a teacher by training, but if I started working on the profile again, there would not be time for farming. When I was the head of the settlement time for the family and the economy, I also did not have enough at all. Our big family, we took 8 hectares: designed for themselves, both parents and children. On one of the hectares we will have potatoes, and then in our village it is all imported. Although everyone complains that life has become worse, it is more difficult, but they do not eat from the store, they practically do not keep kitchen gardens, 15-16 cows are left for the whole village with population of 4 thousand inhabitants, and every year people who keep cattle are less. I have two cows, soon the third will appear, I built a flock for myself last year, the rest - under the chickens, now they are of the order of 60-ti, the Kuchinskaya jubilee breed. This livestock should be fed, and I plan to grow food myself: you need to create a forage base, because the delivery of goods here from Khabarovsk costs 10 rubles per kilogram. Although the cost of growing is high, but the quality is incomparable with the store: home-made farm meat has a different taste, antibiotics and growth stimulants are not used here.
Aidar Shakirov, with. Kruglikovo, district them. Lazo, Khabarovsk Territory:
- My hectares - one on myself, one on my wife and three more on children - I took not far from Kruglikovo. We need to rebuild, buy equipment, and it costs a lot. In the office of "Post Bank" I was told that I was not even one of the first, but the very first who took advantage of the soft loan program. The first time I took a loan amounting to 80 thousand rubles for 10,5%, bought a motobur. The second time I took another 40 thousand rubles and bought a cart. In addition, I began to drench, and small forests are very much. Shrubs, grass - it's a pity to burn. The last time I was given 200 thousand, for 140 thousand I purchased a powerful shredder. I make a Chinese garden, and the wood crumb goes for mulching. In the fence, he planted 50 cedar, and 15 large, which remained from the old owners, will bear fruit for the second year.

I want to use my own hectare for individual housing construction. I also want to build a farm for breeding sturgeons. We have juveniles in the Khabarovsk Territory at fish-breeding plants. Sturgeon is our fish, Far Eastern. On a farm in 300 meters you can safely grow from 5 to 10 tons of sturgeon per year. There are ponds nearby, you can breed fish there - carp, carp, crucian carp, pike, to attract people for private fishing. If everything goes as I planned, in the spring construction, equipment adjustment will begin, the work will be great. Perhaps I will grow a bester, he also has black caviar and the spawn in artificial conditions begins much earlier than that of sturgeon, and the caviar itself is 30-60% larger. I also began to breed worms as an experiment, it is not necessary to feed the fish with one feed. It is possible to establish several lines, one to grow snails and crayfish for sturgeon feed.
Yuri Olenchuk, from. Yegoryevka, Blagoveschensky District, Amur Region:
- We took a loan amounting to 300 thousand rubles and a period of 5 years under 10,5%. With this money, a tractor and a plow were purchased to plow the land, as well as a canopy for processing potatoes. We have a cooperative in Yegoryevka for 40 people, which includes a peasant farm "Flame". All participants of the cooperative took Far Eastern hectares. The loan to "Post Bank" was made by my sister. This year we planted potatoes, watermelons, pumpkins, zucchini, cabbage, tomatoes. Some of our products go to Khabarovsk, and some buy those who know us, they come directly to the field. The volumes are serious. Wholesalers also come and take, because they know perfectly well that we do not use fertilizers, without herbicides, we do not apply anything except for agrotechnical treatments. We opened the co-op in April this year. We have big plans, we will develop, supply our Blagoveshchensk region with local vegetables of excellent quality.

Alina Kopitsyna, from. Ivanovka, the Amur Region:
- We took 5 hectares for the whole family and a preferential loan from "Post Bank" for the amount of 300 thousand rubles and a term of 5 years. I took as an individual, and my husband took as an individual entrepreneur. Independently purchased excavator Isuzu Elf worth 1,5 million rubles, the balance was paid in advance by credit. In our plans - the construction of a family holiday camp near Blagoveshchensk, in the village of Ivanovka, because there are no tourist camps near, and the places are beautiful. Shashlik houses, gazebos, play areas for children. Perhaps there will be horses - in the long run. And a bathhouse can be built so that people can also rest in the winter.
Hectares have not yet begun to master. In general, we have a company for special equipment, so we joined. We decided that an excavator for our business and for the development of hectares would not hurt. The territory is quite problematic, there is a swamp and a stream flowing, and it is very convenient to carry out work with an excavator. Dig a separate stream for the stream, drain to bring the site in order. In general, our company has a lot of expensive equipment, so we still would have taken an excavator, and then we saw that the company is in the catalog of program partners. Our company, by the way, is now also included in this catalog, because there is also tire service: we sell automobile tires, spare parts and everything related to the automobile business.
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