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Bank guarantee:

About the most important “spring” for entrepreneurial growth - in ten questions and answers

Bank guarantee:
1 What is a "bank guarantee"?

This is a tool to confirm the solvency of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur in front of the counterparty for the execution of the contract.

2 What will she give to my business?

Pass to a higher "league", where lucrative contracts.

Any transaction is a risk because the parties may not be able to fulfill their financial obligations. For example, return an advance payment, timely pay customs and tax payments, fines, penalties and penalties under government contracts.

The bank guarantees your solvency, which means that the counterparty will be able to trust you, and the best deals will not get to competitors.

This is all the more convenient because your own funds remain with you, and there is no need to lend once again.

3 Ok, I'm a small business. What bank guarantee will I need to get a government contract?

Guarantee to fulfill obligations. This is very important for the winners of bidding for a state or municipal contract. In order for the state customer to conclude an agreement with the winning company, it must provide a guarantee that in the event of the improper performance of the contract by it, the bank will pay a guarantee amount to the customer in order to cover fines, penalties, and penalties. Sberbank will also open a limit on the guarantee on the fulfillment of obligations (within the limit, the guarantee is issued for 8 hours and for minimum amounts). And if cash is required for the fulfillment of obligations by the client, the bank may issue a tender loan.

4 And if I want to participate in commercial tenders, what guarantee can Sberbank give me?

Sberbank can provide you tender guaranteewhich is often required by the organizers of such auctions. They are thus insured in case the winner of the tender refuses to deliver the goods or perform the work, or if the terms of the contract are not properly fulfilled.

In addition, the bidder’s availability of a tender bank guarantee is a very common filter that organizers use to screen questionable companies.

5 Suppose I got a contract, but I need funds to execute it. Will the customer give me an advance payment if I use the Bank Guarantee product from Sberbank?

Often, after the conclusion of the contract, the customer is ready to give the contractor an advance if he needs these funds to fulfill his obligations. But, of course, he, wishing to hedge himself, may demand a guarantee of the return of the advance payment. Decision? "Business guarantee" from Sberbank. This product includes additional security for your company to fulfill its obligations under the transaction in the form of a Sberbank guarantee.

6 Will the bank guarantee help if I want to first realize the goods received under the contract, and then pay for it?

Yes. Financial (or commercial) guarantee under contracts concluded between legal entities, is provided by Sberbank under ordinary commercial contracts for the purchase of goods or lease agreements. It is used to receive long periods of deferment of payment of the bill for the goods received. In the case of a rental agreement, such a guarantee can replace the mandatory deposit for 1 a month.

For example, the seller requires 100% prepayment for their products, but in the case of a bank guarantee, gives a delay of 60 days. The client first receives the goods, but only after implementation pays the money for it.

7 Is there any other zest of this product from Sberbank?

The “Business Guarantee” from Sberbank operates from 2013 and covers virtually all areas where small business needs a bank guarantee.

For example, the customs guarantee. This is a written commitment issued by the bank to the customs authorities, which guarantees that your company will pay customs payments. Such a guarantee, by the way, provides a deferment of payment of customs payments until 1 of the year.

The market for customs guarantees is very limited - not every bank has the right to issue them. Sberbank has this right because it is included in a special register by order of the Federal Customs Service No. 683 back in the 2008 year.

Another advantage of Sberbank clients is the possibility of obtaining bank guarantee in favor of tax authorities. This is a written commitment of Sberbank issued in favor of the tax authorities to ensure payment of payments to the FTS by the company. A partner of the bank receives a guarantee of VAT payment, which gives the taxpayer the opportunity to receive a refund of the VAT amount claimed for refund in a tax return, even before the completion of the desk tax audit. That is, we get real money without delay, let them into circulation and earn.

The FTS accepts such guarantees only from very serious banks: the authorized capital is at least 500 million rubles, its own funds are at least 1 billion. Sberbank naturally corresponds.

8 Do I need a pledge in the form of property to get a bank guarantee?

If we are talking about an amount below 15 million rubles, then Sberbank does not require a small business to provide security for a bank guarantee. In other words, a pledge in the form of movable or immovable property is not needed from a Business Guarantee user, although nothing prevents you from using a pledge and surety to obtain more attractive conditions.

And for amounts above 15 million rubles, security is still required.

9 What documents are required to get a bank guarantee?

If you want to get a guarantee of up to 15 million for the execution of commercial contracts with your counterparties, under contracts under the Federal Law 44 and 223, by order of 615, then the package of documents is minimal:
1. Warranty application;
2. Application form of the borrower;
3. Title documents;
4. Official financial statements for the last reporting period;
5. Documents on the contract, which must be provided with a guarantee.
For other guarantees, additional financial statements will be required on the last five reporting dates, decoding to it, as well as a certificate on the bank's form of income and expenses.

10 Get to the point. For how long and the amount of warranty? What percentage does Sberbank charge?

The warranty is valid for a period of one to 36 months. The amount of the guarantee - from 50 thousand rubles. The percentage - or rather, the bank's remuneration for issuing a guarantee - is from 0.5%.

Nuances are also present. For example, the maximum guarantee amount is determined by the client's solvency, or it is limited to the face value of a bill in the event that the security is a Sberbank bill. By the way, now Sberbank has reduced the minimum amount of remuneration for the provision of warranty obligations - to 2000 rubles.

The total interest rate in the event of a warranty case will be from 10% per annum, but, of course, it depends on the financial condition of the client.

The term of reimbursement to the bank payment under the guarantee - 3 month. Penalty for late payment return - 0,1% of overdue debts, is charged on the amount of overdue payment for each day of delay.

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