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Bank "Taatta" summed up the "schematics" of transactions

The Central Bank withdrew the license from the Yakut bank, whose clients are ready to go to the picket

3 July one of the last Far Eastern private banks, Yakut Bank Taatta Bank, stopped issuing funds to customers, and two days later the Central Bank announced the revocation of the credit institution's license "due to the use of a risky business model," appointing an interim administration. Yakutia is agitated - bank accounts were kept by many businessmen who can count on compensation of losses only after the bankruptcy procedure is over. EastRussia gathered the latest news on the collapse of the bank "Taatta".

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3 July, JSC "Bank of Taatta" (Yakutsk) ceased to issue money to its customers, and operations with accounts were suspended. The Internet bank became inaccessible for operations, ATMs did not have cash. In the offices of the bank began to accumulate a queue of hundreds of people, but the situation has not cleared up. Heated nervousness and various rumors circulated in Whatsapp-groups, which, in particular, linked the collapse of the bank with the resignation of the former head of Yakutia Yegor Borisov, as well as the acquisition of a controlling stake in the bank by an unknown beneficiary with a view to his subsequent bankruptcy.

The republic's leadership kept silent for the first days, thus generating even more ridiculous rumors: the money was stolen from the Moscow branch's cash department, and law enforcement agencies simply do not seek them, because they got their "own". At the same time, residents of Yakutsk reported that they "heard from their acquaintances" about the vague credit policy of the bank, whose management distributed money to their relatives, and they allegedly did not return them.

The bank's work was paralyzed, and investors fell into a panic and decided to unite to coordinate further actions. In the social networks, groups began to be created where the Yakut people shared information about the missing money with each other, and suggested ways of solving the problem.

"3 July I through the Internet bank made three payments: 500, 300 and 100 thousand rubles. Now there is a reporting period, I paid taxes, settled with suppliers. From my account, the money went away immediately. But the next day I found out that my suppliers did not receive anything. I went to the bank, I received copies of payment documents with a bank note on the holding of funds. And that's all, no one could give me a clear answer, why on the account zero, and where my payments are, "- said the chief accountant of one of the enterprises of Yakutsk Irina Petrova.

Since the main clients of the bank are entrepreneurs, the authorized representative for protection of the rights of entrepreneurs of Yakutia Aitalina Sokolova joined in clarifying the issue. She suggested sending letters on behalf of the victims in the Federal Tax Service and the Labor Inspectorate, because due to blocked accounts, business owners could not give out salaries to employees, pay taxes, pay off with suppliers and partners.

4 July, the incumbent head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolayev instructed the first deputy government of the republic, Alexei Struchkov, to take control of the situation. "Yakutia has no stake in the Taatta bank. However, our people suffered. Now the main thing is that as soon as possible, a temporary administration was appointed. This is the prerogative of the Central Bank of Russia, "Aisen Nikolayev told the Yakutsk Evening edition.


5 July, the Central Bank announced the revocation of the license from the bank "Taatta". "Problems in the activity of the credit organization Bank" Taatta "JSC arose due to the use of a risky business model, which led to the formation of a significant amount of assets of low quality on the balance sheet. At the same time, the Bank of "Taatta" JSC carried out "schematic" transactions and transactions aimed at artificially maintaining the amount of capital for the purpose of formal compliance with prudential norms of activity, "the CB press release says.

"Information on the bank's operations showing signs of committing criminal acts was sent twice to the law enforcement agencies by the Bank of Russia, and the regulator repeatedly applied supervisory response measures to the credit institution, including restricting and prohibiting the attraction of funds from individuals. and the owners of the bank have not taken any effective measures to normalize its activities, "the Central Bank added.

In parallel with the revocation of the license, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation appointed a provisional administration in the bank "Taatta". The Deposit Insurance Agency was informed of the "occurrence of an insured event against a credit institution". In the near future, the DIA will determine the banks through which the insured amounts will be reimbursed. But the insurance will cover only deposits of individuals and individual entrepreneurs. The maximum amount intended for reimbursement is 1,4 million rubles. Most of all from doubtful actions of a management of bank owners of Open Company have suffered, as for them any indemnification of a damage is not provided.

The prosecutor's office of Yakutia 9 July filed a criminal case on the theft of someone else's property in a particularly large amount.

"It is established that Bank Taatta JSC carried out" schematic "transactions and transactions aimed at artificially maintaining the amount of capital for the purpose of formal compliance with prudential norms of activities, which entailed a suspension of the issuance of cash to the bank's clients. At the same time, according to the data of the prosecutor's inspection, the funds were stolen in a particularly large amount by illegally receiving them from the cashier's office of the Moscow branch of the bank, "the ministry said in a press release.

11 July, the incumbent head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolayev met with the Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina. He promised that in the coming days, payments will start under the Deposit Insurance Agency. "Funds of legal entities in a private bank that are not protected by the Deposit Insurance Agency are in the order of 2 billion rubles. The republic together with the Central Bank and law enforcement agencies will try to reduce losses of depositors and legal entities, "the head of the republic said. The number of affected depositors exceeded two thousand people.

According to Taatta Bank's reports to the Central Bank of Russia for 7 May 2018, most of the company's share capital was split between several individuals and one legal entity by 6,88-9,99%. The largest holder is Jan Korshak (Moscow, 9,99%), Igor Vasiliev (Moscow, 9,89%), Moscow-based BestTechnoLeasing Anton Stenin (9,84%). At the same time, among the largest shareholders of the "Taatta" - residents of Yakutsk Nadezhda Yarkova (acting as the bank's predecessor), Irina Basova and Saniya Dorokhina (shares of slightly more than 8%). 

According to the balance sheet of the bank "Taatta" for the first quarter (the last published), 7,88 billion rubles were placed on the accounts of the credit institution. customer funds, including 5,95 billion rubles. deposits of individuals and individual entrepreneurs. According to the bank itself, as of January 1, 2018, it was ranked 218 in the rating of Russian banks in terms of assets, 229 in capital, 213 in credit profile, and 157 in retail deposits. 


The official message on the bank's website says that payments to depositors via the DIA will begin "no later than 19 July." But considerable money in the "Taatta" lost and entrepreneurs who made payments through the bank. The initiative group of citizens plans to hold a picket in the coming days. Today, the mayor's office will collect signatures for organizing a rally in support of the victims of the "burst" Bank "Taatta."

"As part of the contract for providing technical support services for the International Intellectual Games, I received an advance of more than one million rubles for organizing four events.On the event, I want to say, a large-scale event, representatives of 15 countries gathered in Yakutsk.On July 9, we opened the Games, and we plan to organize an official closure on 14 July But the money was left in the account in the bank "Taatta", and in fact - zero.I can not receive them from 3 July, and my employees were left without salary, "- says the director of the firm" Sound and Light "Alexander Borisov.

"I have been cooperating with the Taatta Bank for five years, I own a medical clinic, and I had money to buy equipment with the help of which children with orthopedic pathology are being rehabilitated." Now I can not buy it, because I have these We have a lot of talk about supporting small business, and in fact we were left with our misfortune one on one. If the money is said to have really been stolen, it was not I who suffered, but the children, and now they were denied the opportunity to pass rehabilitation ", - races Tatyana Zakharova proves entrepreneur.

The position of local authorities, many entrepreneurs are unhappy. 

"The head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, said that Aleksey Struchkov is aware of the situation and keeps his hand on the pulse, I said that, apparently, the wrong hand and the wrong pulse," said Irina Kotenko, the head of the independent entrepreneurs' movement "Together We Are Strength" .

Entrepreneurs are determined to return their money, but most of them are skeptical about the authorities' assurances. The bankruptcy procedure and the implementation of the "bankrupt estate" (assets and assets of the bank) can drag on for many months. 
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