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Aisen Nikolaev on ALROSA: "If my dog ​​broke loose"

The head of Yakutia threatened a diamond mining company with a recovery of more than 26 billion rubles. environmental damage

Aysen Nikolaev on ALROSA:
Photo: President of AK ALROSA Sergey Ivanov (left) familiarized himself with the complaints of the authorities of the republic. Photo source: Aisen Nikolayev's Facebook account
The head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Aisen Nikolaev, on social networks today spoke harshly against the diamond mining company ALROSA, after the accident at the landfills of which in August of this year, the rivers Irelya, Malaya Botuobuya and Vilyui were polluted. “Yes, the accident happened not because of ALROSA, but because of a natural cataclysm. But if my dog ​​broke the chain and bit the person, there is no fault of mine, and nevertheless I am responsible for this,” wrote Mr. Nikolaev in their official accounts in Facebook and Instagram. 

With reference to the data of the Yakutia Ministry of Ecology, he estimated the damage on the Irelyakh River at 11,19 million rubles, on the Malaya Botuobuya River - 4,067 billion rubles, on the Vilyui River - "we are not even talking about one dozen billion rubles." The head of the Ministry of Ecology of Yakutia, Sakhamin Afanasyev, at the meeting, in which, among other things, ALROSA President Sergey Ivanov took part, estimated the damage to the Vilyui River at 22,7 billion rubles, specifying that "the calculation is being coordinated with Rosprirodnadzor in Moscow." 

Thus, the authorities of Yakutia are ready to submit to the ALROSA arbitration claim for compensation for environmental damage in the amount exceeding 26,5 billion rubles. “Following the meeting, he gave a number of instructions and recommendations to the government, management of the uluses, ALROSA, federal supervisory authorities. He also instructed the Ministry of Ecology, Environment and Forestry to appeal to the arbitral tribunal on damages. ALROSA will be able to dispute this amount in court order or agree with it. In any case, the payments will be directed, first of all, to the creation of a system of providing clean water to the residents of Vililiu and Mirny districts ", - wrote in social networks Aisen Nikol ay. His press office left on the official website of the head a more restrained comment that "the company, if it wishes, can also dispute the amount of damage in court."

Alrosa President Sergei Ivanov as already reported by EastRussia, said at the meeting that the subsoil user does not abandon its obligations to compensate for the environmental damage that caused the water bodies of the republic after the accident at their dredging grounds. However, he noted, it was not the actions or inaction of the company that led to this, but a natural anomaly. Due to the sharp rise in water in the Irelyakh River, we recall that ALROSA's dams eroded in August this year, which led to silt and sand pollution of the Irelyakh, Malaya Botuobuya and Vilyui rivers (the latter supplies drinking water to the residents of the Suntarsky District). When developing its deposits, ALROSA does not use chemicals, and "there are no toxic or poisonous substances in the water."
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