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ATB entered the top-50 of the country's largest banks

Andrey Novikov, Chairman of the Board of the Asia-Pacific Bank, in an interview with EastRussia spoke about the specifics of banking business in Siberia and the Far East, and also about the fact that ATB entered the top 50 of the largest banks in the country and is the largest market maker in Russia by cash currency

ATB entered the top-50 of the country's largest banks
- Andrey Valentinovich, your bank is one of the oldest in the Far East, but in the central regions people know little about it. What is ATB today?
- Clients from the Urals to the Far East about the "invisibility" will argue with you: ATB is the largest private bank in Eastern Siberia and the Far East. The fact that we are developing in the regions and grew to the top 50 of the largest banks of the country once again confirms the potential of the eastern territories and the opportunity for the bank to develop without a status office on Tverskaya Street.

ATB is a large universal bank, drivers of our growth are corporate business and retail operations. By "corporate" we mean lending and servicing to local producers - small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, to which large banks do not actually get their hands.

The client needs, first of all, efficiency, and that the bank understands the business that the client is engaged in. We both have both. ATB historically has one of the best examinations in gold, in specific areas, such as fish in Kamchatka, Sakhalin, mining, timber, northern delivery. Working in the same territory with these entrepreneurs, we perfectly understand how their business is organized, understand its seasonality and, understanding the risks, we can offer customers a quick decision making. Large banks decide for three to four months, and during this time not only passes through Putin, but the season for the northern delivery is lost. We have a process that takes one to three weeks, even with the most complex projects.

Moscow banks - private and public - are afraid of local business, since they do not fully understand it. Therefore, in "home" regions we are much larger than many players, including most state banks. Because we are close, for us it is a profile customer, and we know his needs, himself, and we can assess risks, unlike large banks.

A separate area of ​​our work is micro-corporate lending to individual entrepreneurs: owners of small shops, hairdressers, children's studios, etc. In the service of this business, we occupy the second place after Sberbank in the regions of our presence, in a month we give loans to this sector to 450-500 million rubles and the volume of demand from customers is growing.

Our retail business remains at the mid-to-end level of 2015. Now we do not set ourselves the task of significantly increasing operations, but at the same time we are developing service and product components - we are launching new cards, preparing a large-scale update of the Internet bank, etc.

- What directions will the bank pay attention to in the coming years?
- According to our strategy to 2018-2020, we plan to keep the ratio of 50 to 50 corporate and retail business. Corporate business will continue in the form in which it exists - these are large enterprises (mainly system-forming ones), a specific sector - gold, fishing, minerals, with which we have been working for a long time. This is also the average business and micro business, about which I have already spoken.

The rest of the business is retail customers, where we will focus both on employees of our corporate clients, and on the segment of “reliable” clients, which are now serviced by Sberbank and other state and private banks.

- Tell us how you build relations with the heads of the regions?
- Since the middle of 2016, we have been working on a project with the Sakhalin Region Development Corporation. The corporation is ready to invest in the development of small and medium-sized businesses on Sakhalin Island. For this they need a tool, and they chose ATB as it. The corporation plans to invest in a bank, and we, in turn, are implementing jointly agreed terms for a project to support and lend to small and medium businesses in Sakhalin in the amount of 8,5 billion rubles. Now this program is in the process of signing all legally binding documents. In my opinion, this is the brightest initiative to support small and medium-sized businesses, which is being implemented at the level of regional authorities.

- Your bank is mainly focused on working with customers in Siberia and the Far East. It turns out that you are much closer to such countries as Japan and China than to Moscow. Does it somehow influence the work of ATB?
- We have been working with China for a long time, ATB is one of the most active participants of the Russian-Chinese financial council. We have established business with Chinese banks, established correspondent relations, from several banks we have credit lines for more than 50 million dollars, direct credit lines for financing clients inside Russia. The Chinese are very interested in financing Russian business, which works with China. And they are ready to increase and increase financing lines for this project.

In addition, ATB is actually Russia's largest market maker for the cash yuan, we import this currency from China and even initiated the creation of a special customs post in Khabarovsk. That is, we are one of the main players in the cash Chinese currency in Russia. We have very close cooperation with the Chinese, and large volumes of deals are taking place. Joint business exists for a long time and very successfully develops.

It should be noted that over the past year this line of business has almost doubled. At us in bank there is a special division on work with China where people who know the Chinese language, are versed in the Chinese business, work programs of Chinese experts and employees of ATB are developed and operate. In addition, ATB, among the few on the market, offers deposits in yuan - they are in demand both for Russians and for Chinese citizens.

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The Asian-Pacific Bank was founded in 1992 year. The largest private bank in Eastern Siberia and the Far East, is one of the top 50 largest financial institutions in Russia. The shareholders of ATB, in particular, are large international investors - International Finance Corporation (IFC) and East Capital Financial Fund AB. Net profit of ATB for 3 quarter 2016 year amounted to 1,9 billion rubles, the capital of the Bank is 13 billion rubles.
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