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Arsenal of business support under a single brand

How entrepreneurs of Chukotka create greenhouse conditions with the help of the state

The Center for the Support of Entrepreneurship in Chukotka (CPP) was established on the basis of the regional development fund less than a year ago. In a short time, this structure actually gave a start in life to several real projects. EastRussia studied specific business cases to understand that, apart from the initial funds, it is necessary for the development of an original business project in Chukotka and why the CPP helps local businessmen certify their products, open their own websites and even YouTube channels.

Arsenal of business support under a single brand


The decision to form an Entrepreneurship Support Center (CPP) in Chukotka was taken as part of the regional development strategy. It was taken into account that his work could be co-financed by the federal Ministry of Economic Development, and the main goals would be the development of small and medium-sized businesses and the support of individuals interested in starting their own business. An important point - the success of the Center affects the rating of the territory.

So, what has changed for entrepreneurs with the advent of the CPP? Support, taking into account the assistance of the federal government to the regions in the development of the investment climate, has become clearly structured, comprehensive, it is selected individually and includes four stages - consulting, information, financial and property. Total in the arsenal of the Center to date 39 types of support.

The CPP uses a co-branded logo and the style of the state single model “My Business”, which provides recognition of organizations supporting business infrastructure throughout the country.

Clients of the CPP have the opportunity not only to receive information, but also to participate in training events, seminars and conferences. At the stage of formation, they can also count on the help of marketers, lawyers and accountants. The services of such specialists are compensated to partner companies from the funds of the Center.

The Foundation, as a business support center, is designed to ensure the coordination of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as natural persons interested in starting their own business on financing instruments when implementing new projects. The government promotes business development through the provision of state grants, subsidies or tax benefits, and also helps to arrange a commercial loan at a preferential rate with the use of guarantees from organizations of the national guarantee system (the Fund, the SME Corporation). Assistance is provided in financial planning - choosing a taxation system, its optimization, etc. For all questions, beginners and experienced business people can contact the "hot line".

There is also a unique opportunity to certify small business products with financial support from the Chukotka Development Fund (standardization, certification, necessary permits, patenting) and its promotion in the domestic market of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation. Previously, this service was not available in the region.

For a rather short period of activity, the CPP managed to work with more than 200 small and medium-sized businesses and more than 380 individuals. 9 held round tables, seminars, conferences, representatives of the CPP took part in more than 40 educational programs. Among the activities aimed at promoting the creation of your own business and its development, for the first time, business missions were conducted for business entities, participation in exhibitions and fairs was organized. Three projects were presented in Vladivostok at the Eastern Economic Forum. The purpose of such events is to present the products of Chukotka businessmen at interregional sites, search for new sales markets, exchange of experience.

Having adopted the most successful experience of other Russian regions, the Chukotka Business Support Center in a short time provided a start to real projects.


The concept of a greenhouse complex for growing vegetables and herbs in May 2017 was presented by novice entrepreneur Pavel Makatrov. He received the status of a resident of TOSED Beringovsky, presenting the investment plan “Modernization of the greenhouse complex through the acquisition and installation of a system of forced ventilation and exhaust ventilation”, designed for 10 years.

The payback period is a little more than a year and a half. The total investment for the entire period of the investor’s activity is 1,45 million rubles.

The essence of modernization is to increase the yield of greenhouses by ensuring an adequate level of ventilation, filtration, heating and disinfection of air using ultraviolet radiation.

Korolev-Agro was chosen as the supplier of forced ventilation and exhaust ventilation. The team of specialists has experience in reconstructing winter greenhouses from 1998 and is a dealer of leading manufacturers of greenhouse equipment. Installation is automated, simple and reliable in operation.

Already throughout the Anadyr in the outlets you can find fresh greens in pots grown in the greenhouse complex novice entrepreneur. Contracts for the supply of vegetables and herbs to educational and social institutions of the city and catering establishments have been concluded. Products grown on new economical technologies in the framework of an innovative project are not inferior in quality to products imported from other regions of the country, hit the shelves of shops and the kitchens of fresh restaurants.

The Chukotka Development Fund provided support at the stage of preparing documents for obtaining the status of a resident of the Beringovsky Advanced Social and Economic Development Territory. At the same time, an application was made to the Department of Finance, Economics and Property Relations of the Chukotka Autonomous Region for state support. The Foundation promoted product certification, which allowed the entrepreneur to expand and stabilize sales through the sale of products to preschool and other educational institutions. In December, 2018, the entrepreneur received compensation for part of the cost of creating and promoting the entrepreneur site. The ultimate goal of marketing activities - sales growth due to the expansion of the audience of customers.

The result was the receipt by the entrepreneur of tax benefits and other preferences provided for the resident of the territory of advanced socio-economic development, a cash grant from the regional department of finance, economics and property relations and support from the regional department of industrial and agricultural policy to compensate part of the cost of electricity.

The listed measures allowed to increase the profitability of production at the start of a business, to make investments at the expense of profits in the expansion of acreage. Today, a project is being implemented to consolidate production, which provides for the construction of another greenhouse complex, designed for the cultivation of tomatoes.


The project "Organization of production and repair of aluminum boats in Anadyr" was made by Aleut LLC, headed by Alexander Endaltsev.

The business initiative is designed for 2,5 of the year and provides for more than 7 million rubles of capital investments and investments. Of this amount, a large part is the entrepreneur’s own funds. The company received state support from the finance department for start-up entrepreneurs. Payback period - 4 year. 10 will create new jobs. There are no similar enterprises in the region. For the first time, Chukotka created its own production of small vessels.

The main idea is to provide the inhabitants of Chukotka with boats that will differ not only in reliability but also in reasonable prices: this condition can be met by placing the production in close proximity to the consumer. An important point is the creation of a repair base for small vessels. For this, in 2017, equipment, raw materials and necessary tools were purchased. Chukotka will collect boats from components manufactured in St. Petersburg.

In the region, there is a need to update the privately owned fleet of small-sized vessels, since, according to GIMS MS, the motorboats currently in use are made on 50% in the 80s of the last century, and on the 35% in the 70s. In addition, the new production will allow to bring to the market of Chukotka boats larger than 5 meters, with good seaworthy characteristics and controllability in short wave conditions.

Separately planned is the design, testing and certification of small boats that meet the needs of hunters. The certification will allow the Chukotka Autonomous Region to have a manufacturer with its own brand, and this is important for the development of a small enterprise.

The Chukotka Development Fund will compensate the entrepreneur for a part of the costs actually incurred, which will make it possible to increase the efficiency of investments and enable production to get a new round of development. In the framework of the national project for the development of entrepreneurship, this is one of the best practices designed to draw the attention of small businesses to new development points and opportunities. One of the support measures previously provided by the Aleut LLC Foundation is to organize participation in the interregional business mission of the business owner and a copy of his products at the Eastern Economic Forum 2018 of the year. The presence on the site allowed the owner to revise plans for business development and to plan expansion in the future sales market. The positive practice received by the entrepreneur is perceived positively and will have tangible results for production in the foreseeable future.

The possibility of obtaining low-income boats for use in exchange for wild plants, berries and mushrooms harvested in remote areas is being considered. In parallel, it is possible to open processing and production of agricultural and fish products. In addition, the release of boats, as envisioned by the project initiators, will spur tourism development, providing additional conditions for the transportation of tourists through waterways, the organization of sport fishing, the popularization of water-motor sport among young people.


The project of a mini-workshop for the production of fur products "Nedesa" was proposed by the individual entrepreneur Victoria Sitarova. It provides for opening in the village of Kepervey production of dressing hides and sewing fur clothing, including hats, ensuring the satisfaction of the demand for quality products from natural fur at affordable prices, raw materials and efficient use of local resources. The company produces clothing for herders and hunters, kukul (sleeping bags made from deer skin), footwear made from kamus (torbas), fur tents and hats and souvenirs.

The project implementation period is 2 of the year 4 of the month, own funds are 214 thousand rubles. Required support measures: project financing, which will allow you to pay for the delivery of equipment from the central part of the country to the Bilibinsky district.

The author of the idea, entrepreneur Victoria Sitarova. She has enormous experience in sewing fur products: at one time she worked in the fur workshop of the “Forward” state farm in the village of Kepervey. Now this niche is practically not occupied by anyone, except for the few craftswomen working at home. At the same time, the quantity of manufactured products from fur does not meet the existing needs.

Hunting opportunities for production and amateur use are provided by the hunting resources of the region. The most valuable fishery is elk,

wild reindeer, sable, arctic fox, red fox. The entrepreneur intends to purchase raw materials from hunters who had previously been throwing hides in the tundra without a market, as well as from reindeer farms in the Bilibinsky district.

A workshop for the manufacture of hides is organized in a room made of two 20-feet containers. A part of the area is already functioning today, another part will be acquired in Bilibino at the expense of municipal support or at the expense of borrowed funds.

With the participation of the Chukotka Development Fund as a business support center for the fur mini shop project, a detailed business plan was developed, a marketing and advertising strategy was worked out. In November, the entrepreneur participated in the first conference held by the Government of the Chukotka Autonomous Region with the assistance of the Chukotka Development Fund and TASS in the city of Bilibino. During her personal consultations with leading business coaches, Victoria Sitarova worked out a development plan for her business, where, on the recommendation of the Chukotka Development Fund Director Olga Plotnikova, specific measures of financial and non-financial support were offered, including measures to promote product certification, which would allow other markets to enter regions and even countries.

The entrepreneur will also be helped to develop a marketing strategy, including developing his own page on YouTube, to take part in trade fairs and exhibitions in other regions, and to publish printing materials to promote his production. These measures will give Victoria a chance to accelerate a business growth step in the short term and minimize the business need to attract loans and other third-party funding sources.

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