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Arctic soldier

In Blagoveshchensk have developed a unique training program for Arctic shooters

Arctic soldier

The first issue of the "northern military" is scheduled for 2017 year, after which they will lead the first in the country arctic units formed in the territory of 2 districts - Eastern and Western. Serving the guys will be all over the Arctic Circle - from Kamchatka to the Kola Peninsula.

Building military bases and airfields, building houses, towns and even churches is hard to imagine, but it’s all about the new, or rather the well-forgotten old, harsh and chilling imagination of the Arctic Circle. The once “no-man’s” land is increasingly attracting the attention of states as a place for prospects. And both economic and political. After all, whoever possesses the Arctic, even if only a small part of it, is obviously becoming a significant player on the world stage.

Recently, this “white desert” has been increasingly spoken about from TV screens and printed pages - so, immediately after the New Year holidays, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the creation of an Arctic supply base. According to it, the city of Severomorsk of the Murmansk region is being transformed by identifying Roslyakovo, where one of the promising projects of Rosneft will be implemented. Or, another thing: from 1 December 2014, all the strategic northern territories of the country (both Western and Eastern Military Districts) were transferred to a single subordination of the Northern Fleet forces. This means that the introduction of the concept of "northern troops" - a matter of time.

Meanwhile, in the Amur region for the third year is training the military with a "northern bias". A special program for training Arctic shooters was developed in the Far Eastern Higher Military Command School (DVVKU) them. K.K. Rokossovsky, which is based in Blagoveshchensk. Teachers of the military university do not conceal their pride - indeed the idea of ​​creating the "Arctic" as a separate kind of troops, and the right to cook them belongs to them only in the country.

"Until recently, in our university cadets were trained only in 2-m specialties: motorized riflemen with mountain training and marines," says Major General Vladimir Gryzlov, the head of DVVKU, "but one day a thought crept into my mind: what if to use our frosts Up to -40 with humidity and wind - author annotation) for something bigger? Appealed to the command, explained what we want. We were given a green light with a prerequisite - before the start of the training program, all the leaders of the classes must undergo special training at the St. Petersburg Research Institute of the Arctic and Antarctic. The curriculum for future officers was written in parallel with self-study and we are still rewriting it, adjusting it to urgent tasks. ”

As part of the training, cadets take all the same disciplines as their future colleagues with one significant difference - special emphasis is placed on field classes in the snow regardless of temperature: without fail every future Arctic must be able to build a needle, make several kinds of bonfires, to be proficient in skiing (both mountain and cross-country skiing), a snowmobile, and also to be able to shoot any weapon at -50 degrees. It turns out a kind of modern universal soldier.

“Recently, the head of the school has set us an interesting task:“ all the Arctic must be walrus ”. As a result, the work on the participation of our officers and cadets in swimming competitions in cold water actively went. Now 2 of our teams are maintained at a decent level in the region, ”smiles Vladimir Rukosyev, deputy head of the Far East National Building Agency for Academic and Scientific Work. - Of course, not everyone can withstand this: someone for health reasons, someone has a weak vestibular apparatus, fear of heights and so on - we simply translate these into motorized infantry. On another it is impossible".

At the same time, tough competition in the "arctic" places - during the work of the admissions committee near the school in the summer almost a kilometer line of parents and children lined up - such military old-timers do not remember the last years of 10. The lucky ones who managed to get hold of the military high school are proud of their choice. Even when you have to overcome your own instincts and severe psychological stress.

"Not so long ago we imitated getting into an avalanche - just buried in the snow to a depth of 1 meter. And now you are lying, you can not move by any part of the body, and you start to remember the happy moments of your life, "Vladislav Bushuev, a third-year student of DVVKU from Blagoveshchensk, says," and above you there is only a meter of snow. " So we are taught not to panic, if suddenly came under an avalanche - because you can not do anything, only those who are above can take you out. "

"You see, this is a competition - but can I do even more? And how will my body behave? - Alexei Borvatov from Magadan to frost has been used since childhood. - I'm completely satisfied with my choice: it's interesting, it's prestigious. If at the end of the contract I'll go to a civilian - I can be an instructor in skiing, mountaineering or survival. In my opinion, it's worth it. "

The ability to survive in conditions of blizzard, polar night and low temperatures not only by themselves, but also to teach others with skills of amphibious assault and mountain training should be brought to automatism, teachers are confident. That is why the cadets constantly disappear at the landfills. In addition, several times a year they are sent to the Polar region (in particular, to Egraki and near Murmansk), where the guys work out all sorts of regular and abnormal situations.

"The interestingness of this specialty, if in brief - in a combination of everything in a row," explains Sergei Borzov, a lecturer in the department of tactics and command and control of the DVVKU. - Nowhere else will you get the opportunity to build a practically invisible fortified needle, and then sit down there with a machine gun and enjoy the northern lights. We even go on skis, we learn how to ride dogs. "

At the moment, the title of arctic shooters in Russia are getting ready for about a hundred people. Thus DVVKU is able to train up to 300 people on the course. The first issue of the "northern military" is scheduled for 2017 year, after which they will lead the first in the country Arctic units formed in the territory of 2 districts: Eastern and Western. Serving the guys will be all over the Arctic Circle: from Kamchatka to the Kola Peninsula.

“During the internships and training practices, our children will have the opportunity to visit almost all parts of the Arctic formations,” says Alexander Sinyuchenko, head of the FDCTU tactics and command and control department, “that is, during business trips they will be able to decide where they are and in which part and the connection go down. "

The exact number of military units, as well as the staffing of military officers at the arctic frontiers, is classified as “secret”. However, the leadership of DVVKU assures that it is ready to cover any requests from the Ministry of Defense personnel.

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