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Andrey Klimov: Enterprises will work stably - there will be a highly paid job

The head of Komsomolsk-on-Amur spoke about how the city participated in the formation of a comprehensive development plan, what happens at the city sites of the TOSER "Komsomolsk" and what measures are implemented by the municipal government to attract investors

Andrey Klimov: Enterprises will work stably - there will be a highly paid job

- Andrei Viktorovich, a comprehensive development plan for Komsomolsk-on-Amur, adopted by the Government of the Russian Federation, includes the construction of a number of very specific social facilities in the city. Tell me how the choice was made, why exactly these objects are included?

- repelled solely from real needs. We worked closely with the Deputy Chairman of the Government - the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the country for the DFO Yury Petrovich Trutnev, with the Ministry for the Development of the Far East, with the regional government. A special sociological survey was conducted, which helped to better understand the expectations of our residents.

- In terms of two large sections - one is devoted to organizational measures of complex socio-economic development, the second - to the development of urban infrastructure. Which is more important for the city?

- You know, everything is important. And yet, I would especially focus on the first section, most of which are devoted to the development of our industrial base, ensuring a stable load of our leading enterprises, their technical re-equipment, equipping them with modern equipment, creating conditions for joint work of small and medium-sized businesses with city-forming enterprises. Here, after all, everything is simple - our industrial giants will work steadily: people will have interesting, highly paid jobs. And this is the most important thing.

Therefore, the implementation of all the points of this part of the plan is under special control. This also applies to the localization program in TOSED Komsomolsk for the production of components for aircraft and ships, and measures for the stable operation of the only metallurgical plant Amurstal in the Far East, and for the technical re-equipment of the shipbuilding plant, creating in Komsomolsk certification and testing center.

- This includes the item on the implementation of the pilot project "Development of engineering education"?

- And this, of course. Moreover, we have been working in this direction for several years already. Quite recently, in June, we hosted the third Far East Congress of Engineers "Science - Engineer - Industry". The congress participants discussed the development of engineering education, the creation of high-tech industries, the formation of a flagship university in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. In addition, Science Slam, which has already become a tradition, took place within the framework of the congress. This time schoolchildren of the Khabarovsk Territory presented their scientific developments. By the way, the Comprehensive Plan contains a clause that our Congress will now be held in the format of an all-Russian event. The preparatory work for this is already underway.

Our technical university is becoming a center for training engineering personnel not only for Komsomolsk, but also for the entire Khabarovsk Territory. The first regional engineering center in the Far East will also appear here. He will be profiled on the study and practical testing of innovative materials and technologies, conduct technical audits of enterprises, engage in computer engineering, including the development of control programs for machine tools. The staff will be formed mainly at the expense of undergraduate and graduate students of the university. 100 million rubles will be allocated from the federal budget for the creation of the center.

And on the basis of the governor's aircraft building lyceum, the creation of an interregional center of competence began. Almost 500 million rubles will be allocated for the development of its material and technical base.

Well, we should add to this that the design and estimate documentation for the creation of an engineering school in the city is completely ready, and we plan to begin preparatory work on its construction already this year.

- There is another interesting point in the plan, we are talking about the formation of the Komsomolsky tourist and recreational cluster.

- The point is really interesting, and necessary, because from this point of view - Komsomolsk as a tourist center - no one has looked at our city before. But we have the potential for this, and we are working to realize it.

The project involves the creation of five sub-clusters on the territory of the city and in its vicinity in the period from 2016 to 2020. It is planned to create more than ten facilities, among them - a water tourism center, a water park, an excursion site at an aircraft plant, a hotel and ethnographic complex, an exhibition and entertainment center "PROsamoleta", a year-round ski resort.

The total planned amount of financing for the Komsomolsky shopping and entertainment complex is almost 5 billion rubles. Of these, federal budget funds - more than 900 million rubles, funds from the consolidated budget of the Khabarovsk Territory - about 300 million rubles. The main source of funding is private investment. Therefore, the implementation of the project is possible only under the condition of cooperation of state, municipal authorities and private investors.

- How are preparations going for the construction of infrastructure facilities, for which the plan provides for the allocation of 62,9 billion rubles?

- The construction of an underground water intake is nearing completion, a competition has begun for the development of design estimates for the reconstruction of a school and a kindergarten in the Parus microdistrict. As I said, work on the construction of an engineering school will begin this year. The development of design estimates for the construction of a children's medical complex is underway, a land plot has been prepared on which the Sports Palace will be built. Terms of reference are being prepared for the reconstruction and overhaul of the main city highways. An open regional competition has been announced for the development of an architectural and urban planning concept for the development of the administrative and public center of the city and the Amur River embankment. And so meaningfully you can speak literally on all points of the plan.

- A special line in the integrated plan is the creation of the infrastructure for the Komsomolsk TASED - over 1,2 billion rubles are allocated for these purposes. TOSED has been around for a year - what is happening at the sites now?

- The city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur includes two sites of the Komsomolsk PSEDA, one of which, Amurlitmash, is fully provided with all the necessary infrastructure. The second site - "Parus" - requires the construction of a high-pressure gas pipeline, a highway, as well as a housing complex for the residence of employees of resident enterprises. The city administration has already completed a project for planning the territory to provide the engineering infrastructure of the land plot intended for the construction of 60 thousand square meters. m of housing. Completed work on the general gas supply scheme for the city, which provides for the construction of a gas pipeline to the Parus site. In addition, together with the Corporation for the Development of the Khabarovsk Territory, the issue of building an industrial park on the territory of this site for potential residents is being considered.

- TOSER "Komsomolsk" is primarily seen as a platform for businesses engaged in high-tech production. And this is not accidental, the city is positioned as the industrial and engineering capital of the east of Russia. How do you think the real demand from investors confirms these expectations?

- The first resident of PSEDA - the company "Epsilon-2" - plans production in exactly this logic. The enterprise plans to produce parts for aircraft construction. At the stage of signing an agreement with OOO UK IP Amurlitmash and OOO Komsomolsk Machine Building Plant. These are enterprises in the engineering industry. Also, Sinotrak LLC, which intends to organize an assembly production of trucks, and Lobnensky Elevator Building Plant LLC announced their intention to become residents of the TASED.

At the same time, the specialization of TOSER residents is not limited to production projects. The operating resident "Trade House" Yukon "is engaged in fish processing. The company Karbon LLC announced a project for the processing of solid domestic waste by rapid pyrolysis. An application from the Komsomol meat-packing plant is under consideration.

In addition, the possibility of expanding the boundaries of the Komsomolsk PSEDA and including the agro-industrial cluster created by the city is being considered. The new site, which unites farmland and processing enterprises with an area of ​​more than 90 hectares, is planned to accommodate four residents: a greenhouse agricultural complex, a dairy, a meat processing plant, and an agricultural enterprise for growing potatoes and vegetables. The planned volume of investments is about 1 billion rubles.

- The creation of TOSER is not only the successful development of business, production, but also one of the ways to improve the quality of people's lives.

- For us, TASED is primarily a mechanism for improving the quality of life of citizens, creating favorable and comfortable living conditions for them. This is laid down in the very name of TASED - this is the territory of advanced socio-economic development.

- Much in the development of the city, attracting investment in it depends on what steps are taken by local authorities?

- Certainly. We understand that in order for a business to want to invest and develop in Komsomolsk, it is necessary to make the conditions as profitable and comfortable as possible. Therefore, the city administration has recently taken a number of steps to improve the business climate: a standard for promoting investment and entrepreneurship development and an institution for assessing regulatory impact have been introduced; an investment declaration and a program to increase investment attractiveness were adopted; the Investment and Development Agency was created; the regulation on the collateral fund was developed; a specialized investment website operates; we have started implementing municipal-private partnership projects.

Local governments promote the expansion of participation of small and medium-sized businesses in procurement from large companies, increasing the availability of financial resources, attracting business people of the city to participate in TOSED projects.

I am sure that all this will make the business in Komsomolsk-on-Amur even more attractive, affordable and prestigious. And our city - strong, powerful, prosperous, attractive for investment, convenient for life! 

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