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Anadyr delicacy

Anadyr delicacy

There is a delicacy in Anadyr, which appeared on the shop windows relatively recently and almost immediately won the stomachs of the townspeople. In appearance, this dish is unpresentable, and for many it causes disgust. Especially the visitors. But as soon as gastronomical fudge triumphs in disgust, he immediately brings this product to his favorite foods. What is this?

These are smoked fish heads! Yes, like this, they are not at all tasty. But tasty, contagious, to ugliness. I sat down on them seven years ago. Like many, I, too, at first disgustedly looked at the heads and inquired into the universe:

- What can you eat there?

As it turned out, there is much you can do. The most delicious treat is the eyes. More precisely, the eyeball. We pick out the pupil (although many eat it) - and in the hands of a delicious and tender protein mass.

The second honorary place in the head is occupied by cheeks. They are located under the gill cover. Unlike the eyeball, the cheeks are firm and elastic. After eating the most delicious, we proceed to the cartilage and pieces of meat that are kept at the base of the ridge.

In fairness, I must say that smoked fish heads are common not only in Anadyr. They are made all over the Anadyr River, especially in Markovo. But in Anadyr fish heads began to be produced on an industrial scale and released to the market. Previously, they were sold at the same time, now they began to pack in a vacuum.

Going on vacation, the red caviar and smoked fish Anadyrs add and smoked fish heads. But a rare inhabitant of the continent can appreciate the "royal fit" of the northerner. Therefore, often giving caviar and fish, the Anadyr, rolling up his sleeves, sucks in sucking fish cartilages and bones and, drinking beer, is perplexed: how can you give up the head?

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