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Amur GPP: the largest construction of the Far East

The construction of the Amur Gas Processing Plant (GPP), which is being constructed within the Eastern Gas Program of PJSC Gazprom, is nearing its peak.

This summer the installation of large-tonnage equipment of the third technological line started. By the end of the year, the start-up of the first two "threads" should begin. In the 2025 year, after the launch of all six lines, the plant will reach its design capacity - 42 billion cubic meters.

Amur GPP: the largest construction of the Far East
Photo: Gazprom processing Blagoveshchensk
Multi-component gas will flow here via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline from fields in Yakutia and the Irkutsk Region. About 2,5 million tons of ethane, 1 million tons of propane, 500 thousand tons of butane, 200 thousand tons of pentane-hexane fraction and 60 million cubic meters of helium will be extracted here annually. All these components are in demand in modern industries. Helium is used in the nuclear and space industry, metallurgy, medicine, instrument making and scientific research. Ethane, propane, butane, pentane-hexane are used in the production of polymers, polyethylene, plastics and plastics, lubricants and packaging materials. Propane and butane are also used as motor fuel and for household needs. Purified methane fraction will be supplied to China.

The building, which developed not far from Svobodny, is striking in its scale. A ground around 800 ha could accommodate 1100 football fields. The total area of ​​land plots of all plant objects exceeds 1,8 thousand hectares. Builders have to mount more than 170 thousand tons of steel structures.    

A feature of the project is the complete lack of infrastructure at the start of construction in 2015. The work began from scratch among the hills with a height difference on the construction site to 60 meters. The whole area has been carefully leveled. In the period from 2015 to 2018, the year completed the preparation of the site and transport infrastructure facilities, including access roads, railway communications, and a temporary pier on the River See. Built temporary camps. During 2018, the construction of the main technological objects, the installation of the process equipment were carried out.

All large-tonnage equipment is delivered to the plant by water. For river transportation in shallow water, 19 fleet units were built: special small-sitting tugs, barges, pontoon systems. In the 2018 navigation, the temporary pier of the Amur GPP accepted 14 barge-towed trains, on which 58 equipment was delivered with a total weight of over 10 thousand tons.

In May 2019, the preparation of foundations for large-capacity equipment of the third production line of the plant (cryogenic gas separation unit and fine purification of helium) was completed. On July 17, a giant methane recovery column was installed there. Its assembled weight is 1014 tons, its maximum diameter is 6 meters, and its height is 87,7 meters. In the operation to install the demethanizer, a ring crane with a lifting capacity of 1600 tons participated - one of the largest in the world.

The methane recovery column is the most overall equipment in each of the six production lines of the Amur Gas Processing Plant. The demethanizer is designed to separate the methane fraction from multicomponent gas, which will be supplied via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline from the Chayandinsky and Kovykta deposits. Also in June-July of 2019, other large-capacity equipment was delivered and installed on the third line by water, including an ethane recovery column and a nitrogen removal column. This equipment, like all licensed installations of the future plant, is supplied by the German concern Linde, a strategic partner of Gazprom. A similar set - demethanizer and deethanizer, as well as a nitrogen removal column were installed on the first lines of the Amur Gas Processing Plant in the 2018 year.

According to experts, the navigation of the 2019 of the year will be the most widespread - the entire unit of large equipment, the total weight of which exceeds 121 thousand tons, should deliver the 13 unit of water to the construction site. Installation of equipment is being completed at the first two technological lines of the future plant, at which commissioning works will begin before the end of this year.

According to Yury Lebedev, General Director of Gazprom processing Blagoveshchensk, one of the most significant products of the Amur GPP will be helium, which will be supplied to both the external and domestic markets.

- After commissioning of three installations for purifying and liquefying helium, the plant will produce 60 million cubic meters of commercial products per year. It is precisely the competitive advantages of Russia, which has the resources of the Chayadinsky field in Yakutia, made it possible to design and contract such volumes of production. The Kovykta field, located in the Irkutsk Region, is also the base source and will serve as a powerful resource for maintaining the plant’s design capacity throughout its life cycle, ”explained Yuri Lebedev.

In parallel with the construction of the plant is the construction of a commodity park, intended for the storage and transportation of products. The assembly of 20 ball tanks with a volume of 2400 cubic meters each for the storage of liquefied hydrocarbon gases has already begun. From here, the raw materials will be delivered to the loading dock and simultaneously poured into 98 rail tanks for shipment to customers through the ports of the Far East.

From the first days of construction, production and environmental monitoring is conducted here. Specialists make measurements of atmospheric air, check bottom sediments, the bio fauna of reservoirs, monitor the condition of the soil, water protection zones and right of way around the construction site.

- A network of observation posts around the construction site and on the borders of nearby settlements has been created. Over the entire observation period, the MPC excess was not detected. During the operation of the plant, continuous automatic control is planned at all sources of emissions of polluted substances into the atmosphere and water bodies. In addition to the stationary air pollution control and radiological monitoring complex, the operation of a mobile eco-analytical complex is envisaged. He will move around the site and take measurements at various points, ”said Vera Alushkina, chief specialist of the environmental protection department of Gazprom pererabotka Blagoveshchensk.

This year, construction is nearing its peak, when more than 25 thousand people will be mobilized to the site. The companies that manage the construction of the Amur GPP are primarily focused on the use of Russian personnel. Foreign labor is attracted if there are no applicants from among Russian citizens for the vacancy, or if the involvement of foreign specialists is conditioned by contractual obligations. The share of specialists from among the residents of the Amur region is high. These are mainly people with the necessary qualifications and experience in large regional projects.

By the time of commissioning, the enterprise will employ more than 2,5 thousands of permanent operating personnel: engineers, natural gas processing and energy technologists, technicians of installations, workshops, sites, foremen, electricians and other production specialists. Every year, before the launch of the Amur GPP by the beginning of 2025, at full capacity, it is planned to attract highly qualified specialists, graduates of universities and SUZs from the Amur Region, other regions of the Far East and the whole of Russia.

“Of course, we are striving to create our own personnel reserve,” says Elena Chudakova, deputy head of the personnel selection department at Gazprom Processing Blagoveshchensk, LLC. - In 2019, the first graduation of "Gazprom class" took place in the free gymnasium No. XXUMX and the admission of students for the next academic year began.

The company cooperates with the Amur State University (AmSU) and the Far Eastern Federal University, where students are trained in the direction of "Chemical Technology".

In the Amur Technological College, young people get such popular professions as the oil operator, laboratory technician and driver - these are key positions for the Amur GPP.

- Now 255 people are studying there. We have provided college assistance in the development of material and technical base. We also cooperate with leading universities, where we direct local school graduates to targeted training. We are interested in talented children to master the demanded areas of training in chemical technology, study here in the Far East, in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but return here to work here, ”emphasizes Elena Chudakova.

This year for the second year students of the AmSU for the first time the field internship was organized. During the 14 days, they were not just located at the Amur GPP construction site, but had a unique opportunity to delve into the installation processes, understand how the customer service works and monitor construction and installation work. Also, students have gained extensive experience with project documentation. In the future, in the third, fourth year, they will also come to continue the practice and thus will be able to follow all the stages of construction and commissioning of the Amur GPP.

Amur GPP will become the largest industrial enterprise in the Far East and will have a significant impact on the economy of the entire region. A powerful gas chemical cluster is being created in Svobodnye; on the basis of advanced technologies, long value chains are gradually being formed - from primary processing of gas to the output of final products. Already, the anchor resident of TOSED "Svobodny" makes a significant contribution to the development of the district and the city.

“Gazprom processing Blagoveshchensk and the Amur GPP contracting companies registered in the city and district began to make tax deductions, which significantly increased revenues to local budgets,” said Andrey Belousov, deputy general director for general issues of Gazprom processing Blagoveshchensk.

According to him, along with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Amur Region, ways of interaction with the regional business community were found. For example, all 27 km of access roads were built by a local company with experience in difficult terrain and adverse weather. Local enterprises also provide transportation services for the project, services for organizing dredging on the Zeya River, organize food in rotational towns, provide workers with hairdressing services, open supermarkets in autonomous villages.

For employees of the company "Gazprom processing Blagoveshchensk" is the construction of housing and social facilities. At present, an apartment building has already been erected in the center of Svobodny, in August of this year a second one will be commissioned. In addition, in the northern part of the city, a project is underway to construct a residential neighborhood on the 42 apartment buildings and 36 townhouses, in which about 5 thousand people will live. There will also be a new school and kindergarten with a swimming pool, clinic, sports and cultural institutions.

As part of the Gazprom to Children program in Tynda, a sports and recreation center is being built with an ice field, a hall for futsal, basketball, volleyball, tennis and other sports. Thanks to Gazprom, a new sports complex with a swimming pool is already operating in Svobodny, the construction of the temple is being completed.

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