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American lawyer convicted of fraud in "asbestos cases"

The famous defender was involved in high-profile fraud

A landmark event took place in the United States at the end of July that could potentially have a huge impact on the world agenda, including in Russia. According to the portal Mesothelioma lawyer blog American lawyer Stephen Kazan was convicted of millions of frauds in the "asbestos cases". It would seem, what is remarkable about this particular case of professional misconduct against the background of growing tensions between the United States and China, ongoing street riots and the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic? However, it is important, moreover, judging by the attempts of the advocate's supporters to “cover their tracks”, it may turn out to be a turning point in a history that has been dragging on for more than 30 years.

American lawyer convicted of fraud in "asbestos cases"

Attorney Stephen Kazan is a specialist in asbestos claims. His company, KazanLaw, represents people who "have suffered from asbestos-related diseases, especially mesothelioma." The office's website claims that the company's lawyers regularly sue significant amounts of money in court proceedings, despite the defendant's wealth and influence. For example, the KazanLaw blog states that they seized $ 29,5 million from Johnson & Johnson in a high-profile and controversial case. 

This specialization did not arise from scratch - since the end of the last century in the United States, everything related to asbestos has become a paradise for lawyers. Previously, in the United States and Europe, asbestos was used uncontrollably and without taking into account the differences between its types. Meanwhile, there is amphibole asbestos, which, due to the content of iron in its composition, is not excreted from the human body, and chrysotile, which does not contain iron and therefore is quickly excreted from the body. When the public learned that a massively used mineral could cause disease, panic arose, which was skillfully fanned by the media and lawyers. Businesses that used both amphibole and chrysotile were bombarded with lawsuits, some of which were deserved, while others were an attempt to cash in on hysteria. 

The government did not investigate and introduced an unspoken moratorium on all types of asbestos. On the one hand, the mineral was never banned, on the other hand, an unofficial “maximum-favored-nation regime” was introduced to satisfy all claims where asbestos is mentioned. Dozens, if not hundreds of enterprises went bankrupt, and in their place appeared trust funds, which were supposed to compensate the victims for the damage caused. Their board includes doctors and lawyers, in particular, Stephen Kazan is a member of most of the 60 existing organizations of this kind.

Today Stephen Kazan is accused of illegal transactions based on inside information; filing claims based on fake materials (with proven Kazan management); obstruction of consideration of claims filed by other lawyers; signing annual reports that contain false information and even giving false evidence in the US Congress. Moreover, he illegally received a ten million dollar royalties from one of the trust funds, misappropriated funds' assets and regularly violated fiduciary duties towards members of trusts. To put it bluntly, Stephen Kazan turned the compensation system into his personal feeding trough, which he “milked” for millions of dollars for decades, using the absolute connivance of the authorities.

His deeds became known thanks to lawyer Lee Davis, who released evidence of Kazan's foul play. The reason for the attack was the fact that “the trust fund did not want to pay the compensation due to Davis's client (client's name Robert Byrd) - but was willing to pay compensation in an identical claim filed by Kazan in an amount ten times the amount indicated in Davis's claim ! This legal complaint contains evidence (see below) that Kazan is engaged in illegal transactions based on inside information and misappropriates funds not only from the Armstrong World Industries Trust Fund, but also from dozens of other trust funds "(copies of documents can be viewed at the bottom of the article on Mesothelioma lawyer blog).

A poignant touch to Stephen Kazan's scale is the fact that his sister, Lori Kazan-Allen, is a prominent anti-asbestos activist. She serves as the head of the secretariat of the global movement to ban all forms of asbestos, blogging and active community service. De facto, most of the actions around the world, in one way or another related to anti-asbestos sentiment, are associated with the activities of this organization. In recent years, an effective mechanism has been created to "evaporate" money from states and the real sector of the economy. Laurie Kazan-Allen and his comrades heats up the information background, putting pressure on governments and businessmen, provoking scandals in the media, social networks, organizing speeches of activists (among other things, Laurie Kazan-Allen took an active part in fanning the panic around Johnson & Johnson, in actions during the meeting of the parties Rotterdam Convention, etc.). 

At the same time, her brother, Stephen Kazan, taking advantage of the public's trust and the peculiarities of justice in the United States, increases his own wealth. If they start to pressure him, then his sister strengthens media support - how, a relative protects people! For example, the case with Lee Davis was “settled” in a short time in a pre-trial order, and only the fact that it was impossible to completely destroy the information that once came across on the Internet made it possible to publish this information.

It is characteristic that conspiracy and fraud on the territory of the United States is directly related to Russia. Laurie Kazan-Allen has been trying for years to ban all forms of asbestos around the world. Russia is the world leader in the production of chrysotile asbestos, a proven safe material for controlled use. Considering that under the sauce of anti-asbestos hysteria, manufacturers of synthetic asbestos analogues in European countries and the United States are trying to penetrate the markets of the CIS countries and Southeast Asia, an interesting story turns out. An American lawyer and his sister are ready to destroy the industrial industry, out of irrepressible greed, leaving the interests of those for whom they must fight outside.

The experience of recent years shows that the US authorities have finally taken the "asbestos stories" seriously. The accusations against Stephen Kazan are a logical continuation of the trend aimed at bringing order to the industry. So, recently the former speaker of the New York assembly Sheldon Silver was sentenced to six years in prison for similar violations. True, he stole "only" five million dollars, which is a drop in the ocean compared to the scope of the Kazan family. 

Silver also tried to buy off, confuse the judges and used all his considerable influence to evade responsibility - and he failed. If Stephen Kazan is also brought to trial, he will have to answer for years of fraud. Perhaps in the near future, we will face another high-profile lawsuit that will reveal an anti-asbestos conspiracy fueled by activists for many decades.

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