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America in the Yakut mode

How in the Republic of Sakha suddenly took root cheerleading

More recently cheerleading has been a stereotype of American films about the life of high school students. And now - quite a reality on the Yakut land. Last summer, a team of 100 people made a sensation at the opening ceremony of the VI International Games "Children of Asia" in Yakutsk. Cheerleading on the ground Olonkho enlisted the support of the authorities and entrepreneurs - and rushed.

America in the Yakut mode
Photo: from the archive of the Cheerleading Federation of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
In December 2016, the International Olympic Committee included cheerleading in the medal program. Given the popularity of this sport throughout the world, so late recognition seems even strange. In our country cheerleading was documented in 2007 year. Over the years, the number of his admirers has increased to tens of thousands, regional federations have emerged, and in some universities, for example, in the Ural State University, there has even appeared a direction for training coaches in this sport.

In Yakutia the cheerleading Federation was registered at the end of last year, already after the clockwork sport declared itself on the "Children of Asia". Now one of the goals of this sports community is the inclusion of cheerleading in the program of the following games, which will be held in Mongolia in 2020 year. "Asian countries are very strong in our sport. Especially Japan stands out, "- says the president of the Yakut Federation Anastasia Degtyareva.

With cheerleading Anastasia met, having moved from Yakutsk to study in Moscow. The girl from childhood was engaged in ballroom dancing, and having come to cheerleading, she was so carried away by this business that she started promoting sports in her native land. She was helped in this by her friend Reseda Fatykhova - she just at that time coached students of the Russian Economic University. Plekhanov. Participants of the Yakut Cheerleading Federation, according to Anastasia, still consider the command of the REU "their" team.

In Chechnya, cheerleading has not officially appeared yet. However, the first steps in this direction have already been made: among the cheerleaders on the "Children of Asia" were students of the North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU). All of them are engaged in the section on fitness aerobics. "In fact, to say that there is no cheerleading at the university, one can not - this direction is already in the program of the compatriots' compatriots," explains Liya Dmitrieva, senior lecturer of the Department of Sport and Health Tourism and Mass Sports of the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports of the NEFU. "Now we are planning to create a full-fledged team, the cheerleading Federation will help us in this."

The Federation is aimed at cooperation not only with NEFU, but also with other universities in the region. With the Yakut State Agricultural Academy (YSAA), she also developed friendly relations - the university provides a site for Sunday training.

Casting in teams of cheerleaders among students of the city, according to coach of the Federation Alina Cherkashina, will be held in May. The girl herself, by the way, has a diploma from the NEFU artistic gymnastics coach. I got into cheerleading by accident - in 2015, I saw an announcement about recruiting the Federation coaching staff. In total, in addition to Alina, cheerleaders are trained by two more coaches. The senior coach of the team is the certified choreographer Nyurgun Indy. Learning that the Federation is looking for a coach-choreographer, he first offered to try his classmate: he considered that only girls were interesting in cheer-dressing in this capacity. However, she had not experienced a particular interest in this discipline, but for him everything went very well.

Cheerleading, a young man complains, is often perceived as uncomplicated dancing with pom-poms: “Many people think that cheerleading is jumping, jumping and running. But it is not. Here is its own technique, rules and preparation, working out the correct position of the body, arms and legs, jumps and strides. ” To get a beautiful picture that viewers see, athletes train for a long time. In this sport there are a lot of disciplines, and a lot in common with acrobatics. “The peculiarity of cheerleading is a clear synchronized performance of jumps, pirouettes, swings, flips, raising and throwing into the air,” explains Indyeev with enthusiasm.

Recently, the Federation coaches received training, which resulted in the receipt of judges' categories. And it's not just certificates for decorating cabinet walls - now the republican competitions will be served by their own coaches.

Training in the Federation are held four times a week for an hour and a half. On Sundays, the lesson is given a little more time - two hours. Before the speeches, of course, the training becomes more intense. With the room, according to the president of the Federation Anastasia Degtyareva, they never experienced any problems - the support of the authorities helped. In addition to YSGHA, the guys are engaged in the Ice Palace "Ellie Bootur".

The team takes all comers. Now the trainers of the Federation are engaged in about 200 people. Here come not only children with good physical training, but also children with limitations on health. One of the features of the Yakut cheerleading movement is the purposeful support of the so-called "para-chir". It is important that such teams are not only children with problems, but also those who are absolutely healthy. So cheerleading, apart from unconditional benefits for physical health and development, helps social adaptation of disabled children.

In the near future, the Federation plans to hold a festival for such children in the city of Aldan in the west of the republic. The event will take place at the ski base. Such an event could not have taken place without the help of the authorities - the Deputy Chairman of the State Assembly (Il Tumen) of Yakutia Olga Balabkina supported the cheerleaders.

“We are ready for the development of cheerleading in the republic. In Yakutia, classical and national sports are equally supported. However, there are many modern trends in the world, there are new kinds of sports in which young people are interested, and we should not stay on the edge. Personally, I reacted to this sport not as entertainment, but rather difficult work. The main thing is that children have a desire to engage in this kind of sport, and we are obliged to support their initiative, ”the MP said.

Cheerleading is done not only in the capital of the republic, but also in the districts. All this, of course, with the support and supervision of the Federation. Anastasia Degtyareva half-jokingly emphasizes that in addition to familiarizing the younger generation with sports, they create jobs.

The plans of the Yakut cheerleaders are to hold the Republican championship in December and declare themselves at the Russian level. All that is needed for this, including the support of government and business representatives, is already there for the Yakuts.
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