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Potential - in the production sector of the economy

Vladimir Putin today will be presented with three medium-term strategies for the growth of the Russian economy. Whose project deserves the right to live more than others - says the chairman of the seaside branch of "Business Russia" Alexey Timchenko

Potential - in the production sector of the economy

Alexey Timchenko

Chairman of the Primorsky branch of "Business Russia"

- If we talk about the concept of further development of the economy, the program of the Stolypin Club "Growth Economy" is closer to me, which Boris Titov will represent at the meeting of the Economic Council. She is close to me in a number of positions.

First, I believe that the current situation in the market is not conducive to developing the raw material sector of the economy, which is strategically the path that will lead to a recession, especially in the regions of the country integrated into foreign economic activity, such as Primorye.

I am in favor of developing modern competitive production in the territory of the Russian Federation, and not with the help of state corporations and large companies, but at the expense of medium and small businesses and micro enterprises.

It is the formation of light industry, production of equipment, machine tools, high-precision production - what we need. It's like Karl Marx: from a log you must make a stool and then sell it. You can not sell raw materials - at least that's my opinion.

In fact, I am a representative of "Business Russia", and every day we talk about the need to attract direct investment in production, and investments, both public and private. At the moment, much support is provided to enterprises of a commodity orientation, and this policy has been maintained for 15-20 years.

We believe that the potential is precisely in the production sector of the economy - the production of agriculture, the production of equipment, light industry, heavy, and so on. That's where you need to turn your eyes, I believe. And then again: you need to change economic thinking and popularize entrepreneurship.

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