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And at us in show-windows gas

History of gasification of the Far East studied in the new museum EastRussia

Another historical museum opened in Khabarovsk. Exhibits telling about the gasification of the Far East, it was filled with employees of Gazprom structures. In the new museum, assembled by enthusiasts, there are no ticket collectors. But there is a "grandmother's kitchenette" with the first gas stove "Omsk", original documents from the time of the beginning of gasification and interactive stands.

And at us in show-windows gas
Photo: press service of Gazprom Far East gas distribution company
To transform the accumulated evidence of how technical progress has changed the life of the region, the whole museum in JSC Gazprom gas distribution Far East decided in the year 60 anniversary of the enterprise. "The reason for the organization of the museum was the preparation for the anniversary of the company - the search for interesting facts, people who stood at its sources," explains the general director of the JSC George Sperling. Initially, he continues, the company began to create a museum of the regional gas enterprise - "leading was the idea of ​​embodying the corporate spirit in it." "But gradually, in the process of work, we saw that this topic affects not only the Khabarovsk Territory, but the entire Far East. This is a story, and the formation of traditions and the upbringing of the younger generation is impossible without preserving what we have, "says George Sperling.

The idea, he said, found a response in the team. There were enthusiasts, donors from among employees. The curator of the project was the staff of the department for public relations and the media. In the spring of 2016, the future exposition began to be prepared: they applied for the transfer to the museum of memorable photographs, rare appliances and household items to colleagues and former employees. Some interesting exhibits were found at the enterprise itself - in study rooms, in the depths of cabinets, and even in the backyards. Some elements of the exposition were brought from other cities - Vyazemsky, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Sovetskaya Gavan - and, before appearing in the windows, overcame hundreds of kilometers of the way.

"The museum turned out to be interesting. Very modern, not at all associated with dusty exhibits behind the glass. He, as an ever-growing, vibrant, functioning organism, will develop, grow new exhibits, serve the popularization of the profession, evoke the employees' pride in the enterprise, "Georgy Sperling hopes.

Designing and repair, which turned the former laboratory into a museum, was overseen by a well-known Khabarovsk artist and designer, winner of the governor's prize in the nomination "For research works in the field of culture and art, museum and educational activities" Bronislaw Tamulevich. Historical facts for the museum were collected bit by bit. First - on the anniversary books and booklets, which soon revealed serious gaps. Then - according to documents, photos, eyewitness recollections, at meetings with veterans.

Part of the documents relating to the earliest period of gasification of Khabarovsk, as it turned out, has been irretrievably lost. Some were found in the archive of the enterprise. It was for them that the name of the first head of the gas office in Khabarovsk Z. Ya was restored with the help of Tatyana Khodorchenko's archive specialist. Kosukhkina. The name and personality of this person are still a mystery. It is known only that before the gas economy, it operated city trams. Found in archival documents and undeservedly forgotten second leader - George Boldovsky, who ran the city gas office for four years and left the director's seat for retirement.

Only about half a year passed from the first sketches to the grand opening. The exposition managed to combine traditional exhibits and modern multimedia technologies, and the "grandmother's kitchenette" with the "Omsk" plate, whose age inspires respect, was organically blended into the space interior. The exposition presents the originals and copies of documents reflecting the development of the gas system of the Far East, photographs and frames of the historical chronicle, overalls, tools and instruments of the last century.

The premise is divided into several conditional zones, in which the history of the enterprise, its structure, propaganda of safe handling with gas at home and environmental safety, labor and public activity of gas workers are reflected. Multimedia allows you to show visitors films on related topics, collections of digitized photos, training videos. The museum plans to hold thematic events for professional holidays, events for students, a schedule for visits to the museum by schoolchildren is being prepared. Within the framework of the non-profit educational project for school students, "Home Security Agents", negotiations are under way to hold city educational seminars and training events on the basis of the museum.

Today the Museum of the History of Gasification is open for free group visits to all comers. Works tour guide. During the excursion, visitors will learn how the gas began to be used in everyday life, when the Khabarovsk gas industry arose and how it affected the gasification of the region, will become more familiar with the multi-faceted profession of a gas specialist, can be photographed in the interior of 60 kitchens, and twist the disc of an unusual telephone set. The exposition is designed for a wide variety of audiences. The only condition - to visit the museum you need to agree on an excursion in advance.

The first visitors have already left their feedback.

The teacher of the machine-building technical school Evgenia Chekmareva: "The museum looks great: bright, bright, colorful, talentedly decorated, lots of photos. I liked the interactive stands, because there is not much in which museum you can touch the exhibits. A very interesting excursion was devoted to the history of the enterprise ".

Head of the department "Oil and gas business, chemistry and ecology" Ludmila Nikitina: "The museum impressed. I did not expect that the exposition will be presented from the 50-ies and will include such rarities as this gas stove - I had to meet such at dachas. Interesting, of course, modernity - models, photographs. Very informative story about the branches and surrounding regions and social activity of the enterprise, on existing dynasties and labor families. The museum is undoubtedly of practical importance for students. I see how their eyes caught fire - they see here what they have to work in the future, which they have read only in books. "

Student FEGUPS Alexander: "Before the tour, I did not know how to lay gas pipelines, and now I learned. In addition, you gave us a more vivid idea of ​​our future specialization ".

Museum address: Khabarovsk, st. Brest, 49, tel .: + 7 (4212) 417-419.
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