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80 new, 80 first

Most of the investment in the Far East is still in raw materials

The new unified service-information portal at the end of last year gathered data from the JSC "Corporation for the Development of the Far East" about new enterprises built in the region in recent years. EastRussia analyzed what interested investors Far East.

80 new, 80 first
Photo: TASS
As of 27 December 2017 year, according to, 80 billion rubles were invested in 119 new enterprises in the Far East, and 7 thousand new jobs were created. All enterprises are related to 18 industries. In the top 5, investment attractiveness includes non-ferrous and precious metals, industrial production, agriculture, transport and logistics, and the food industry. They make up almost the entire investment budget of the region: almost 97 billion rubles out of the total amount of invested funds falls on five sectors.

Indisputable leader in terms of investment in the Far East can be called the industry "Non-ferrous and precious metals." Investments in three new enterprises in the industry amounted to 64,86 billion rubles - a little more than 64% of total investments. According to the site, the activities of all projects for the extraction, processing of gold and silver have already begun. The enterprises are located mainly in territories with underdeveloped infrastructure, in the zones of gold deposits in the Magadan Region, Yakutia and Chukotka. 

It should be noted that if diamond projects are added to the selected projects in the mining and processing of metals sector, as is customary in economic statistics, then the mining sector would have had 66,285 billion rubles, more than 65% of the total investment in all projects in the Far East.

The most numerous in terms of the number of projects was the “Industrial production” branch: 21 enterprises with an investment volume of 17,81 billion rubles - more than 17,5% of the total investment volume. The industry includes enterprises, companies, workshops and factories with a variety of activities - from marble processing to the production of dry building mixtures. The most invested project in this category is the company "Asia Les" for the production of planed and profiled sawn timber in the Khabarovsk Territory. 7,62 billion rubles were invested in the project. According to the Ministry of the Development of the Russian Far East, the plant was launched by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on December 15, 2017 via videoconference as part of the Days of the Far East in Moscow.

The next branch in terms of investment was "Agriculture" - 9,76 billion rubles. (9,6% of the total investment). The category includes 11 projects with related and overlapping activities. The leading project was the plant for the production of refined oils and fats under construction in Belogorsk - 2,385 billion rubles of investments. At the moment, according to the press service of the Minsk Region, the project's goal is to build the second stage of the plant, which will handle the processing and release of another 10 thousand soy isolates per year.

Then follows the branch "Transport and Logistics" - 3,4 billion rubles (slightly more than 3% of total invested funds). The industry also includes 11 projects. The predominant direction is the transportation of perishable, frozen and freshly frozen food.

The last branch in the top 5 was the "Food Industry". This category includes five projects in which 1,12 billion rubles were invested, or 1,1% of the total investment. Most of the funds - 1,1 billion rubles - are aimed at building a modern brewery in Kamchatka.

Note that in the database there is no information about the investments in two projects: the project providing for the opening of the development center for children from 1 to 12 years "Smeshariki" in Chukotka, is marked as having begun its activity in September 2017, but without information on the invested funds , the project for the production of disposable cups and covers has a mark of the beginning of activity in December 2017 year, but also without information about the investments. 

Thus, the most attractive for investors in terms of the number of projects over the past years in the Far East has become the industry of industrial production (21 projects). However, in terms of the volume of investments, it still lags behind the non-ferrous and precious metals industry - four times. In the sectors of education, information technology, mechanical engineering, real estate and development, public catering, fish and aquaculture, only one project was implemented.

The most expensive in recent years in the Far East has been the construction of a mining and processing enterprise based on the Natalka gold deposit, which invested 57,4 billion rubles. According to the information provided on the website of the project, at the moment in Magadan Oblast, Matrosov Mine JSC, within the framework of the Natalka Ore Mining Plant construction project, is implementing the state subsidy of 9,9 billion rubles to construct the Ust-Omchug-Omchak power transmission line "Length of the order of 120 kilometers. The work was started in September of 2017. As part of the project, 1524 created new jobs. 

According to the press service of Minsk Region, the creation of the Natalka Mining and Processing Plant will allow Russia to become the second largest producer of gold after China. According to the company from 4 December the complex has already "received the first batch of gold Dore on the project". After reaching the designed capacity, the field plans to process 10 million tons of ore per year and provide production in the range of 420-450 ounces per year.

The project of the timber processing enterprise "Asia Les", assigned to the industrial sector, occupies the second position - 7,62 billion rubles, 690 new jobs. According to the press service of the Ministry of Economic Development, the activity was launched 15 December this year. The project provides for the creation of a production of planed and profiled sawn timber in the Khabarovsk Territory. The investor of the future enterprise is the company "Asia Les" with the support of Vnesheconombank (about 75%). According to the general director of the company Alexander Pudovkin, this "ambitious project" presupposes "non-waste production". 

During a video conference with Dmitry Medvedev on December 15 in Moscow within the framework of the Days of the Far East, Deputy General Director of the company "Asia Les" Konstantin Beznosyuk, who was at the construction site of the enterprise, said: which we are building in the village of Berezovy, Khabarovsk Territory, namely a pellet plant with a capacity of 90 thousand tons per year, and a log sorting line with a capacity of more than 1 million cubic meters per year. Here, among other products, ecologically clean biofuel - wood pellets will be produced from sawmill waste.

In the 2017 project launched in September, the Taryn Mining and Processing Plant project invested 7,444 billion rubles in the Dragee field in Yakutia. The project is being implemented by CJSC "Taryn gold ore company" and PJSC "Vysochaishy" (GV Gold). The site reported on the creation of 375 new jobs. The total capacity of GOKs is 8 million tons of ore per year. According to Herman Pihoy, General Director of PJSC "Vysochaishy", "Taryn GOK is the largest mining enterprise in Oymyakonsky district. The facility has electricity, infrastructure facilities have been built to ensure the stable operation of the enterprise. " This is the sixth mine, built by ZAO "Taryn gold ore company".

The next place in the top is the project of the plant for the production of refined oils and fats, in which 2,385 billion rubles have been invested. The project is being implemented by the Amursky Oil Extraction Plant LLC with the active support of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Amur Region. The project provides for the construction of a plant for the production of refined oils and fats, with a deep processing of about 240 thousand tons of soybeans a year. It is also planned to create 56 new jobs. Data on the status of the project on the site is missing. 

The oil extraction plant in Belogorsk was included in the list of facilities that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally launched at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok in September this year. The plant management considers China as a promising sales market and plans to supply its products there. This is reported on the official portal of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the development of the Far East. OOO "Amursky" Oil Extraction Plant became the first resident of the territories of advanced development, using the free customs zone procedure (STZ). 

The project of a pig-breeding complex on Sakhalin closes the five most expensive project, in which 2,377 billion rubles have been invested. Its implementation is carried out by JSC "Mercy Agro Sakhalin". The company provides for the phased commissioning of pig breeding complexes for 12 and 50 thousand heads, as well as the creation of 122 new jobs. The project was launched in September 2017. The complex plans to reach its design capacity in 2018. The plans are to produce 6780 tons of high quality pork annually. According to Aleksey Pakhomov, General Director of Mercy Agro Sakhalin JSC, the objectives of the complex are to ensure the country's food security and import substitution of Brazilian meat, the supply of which to Russia was limited on December 1.
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