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100 Wonders of the Far East of Russia

OAO RAO Energy Systems of the East and PressPass Publishers Present a Unique Book on the Modern Far East

100 Wonders of the Far East of Russia

100 wonders of the Far East of Russia, seen and captured by the best photographers of the country, are collected in one book: Red Book Animals, amazing landscapes and natural phenomena, unique infrastructure objects.

"100 Wonders of the Far East" - a book-photo album - will appear in bookstores before the New Year. The pages of the edition contain the most valuable and significant objects that characterize the region.

The book was published with the support of RAO Energy Systems of the East, a company that supplies energy and heat to almost the entire Far Eastern Federal District. “… The Far East is a place where everything that makes Russia strong merges together. The untouched wilderness remains home to hundreds of rare animal and plant species; the centuries-old culture has preserved the identity of dozens of small ethnic groups; people work, developing their regions ”, - General Director of the company S. Tolstoguzov shares his thoughts on the book.

“100 Wonders of the Far East” is a colorful photo album, divided into chapters devoted to plants and animals, landscapes and natural phenomena, culture and traditions, industry and infrastructure. Each of the hundred "miracles" described in the book is unique and inimitable in its own way. Surprisingly, the neighborhood of the Red Book animals, ancient national customs and industrial buildings does not look chaotic. On the contrary, limiting the number of objects presented excludes unnecessary, far-fetched information and makes reading informative and curious.

The photo album “100 Wonders of the Far East” clearly demonstrates how beautiful, rich and diverse the nature of Russia is, even within the framework of one Far Eastern Federal District. After all, the Russian Far East is a huge territory, almost untouched by man, which has preserved its primeval state. Nine regions: Yakutia, Magadan, Amur and Sakhalin regions, Khabarovsk, Primorsky and Kamchatka territories, the Jewish Autonomous Region and Chukotka - all together occupy more than a third of our country, but only one-twentieth of the population of Russia lives on these lands.

The book is full of author's photographs of unique objects of the Russian Far East - a region in which many small peoples with a distinctive culture live, industrial production is concentrated, a substantial part of natural resources is mined and intact ecosystems are preserved, which are necessary for the existence of many rare plants and animals listed in the Red Book RF.

The illustrations published in the book, of course, are worth telling separately. The pages of the publication feature the works of world famous wildlife photographers: Alexey Bezrukov, Sergey Gorshkov, Nikolai Zinoviev, Paul Niklen, Andrian Kolotilin, Dmitry Utkin, Igor Shpilenok and others. It is noteworthy that photographs of all animals, even the rarest ones, were taken in their natural habitat. “The authors of the photographs are unique people who have forever linked their lives with nature. Some of them (Alexey Bezrukov, Denis Kochetkov - approx. red.) are full-time employees of federal reserves, others (Andrian Kolotilin, Igor Shpilenok - прим. ред.) work there as volunteers, collecting information and telling the general public about the special world of untouched, wild nature, - explains the editor and compiler of the book Andranik Agafonov. “We owe these people, ready for hardships and sacrificing their comfort, for the fact that natural ecosystems are preserved in our country, the number of rare species of plants and animals is being successfully restored.”

Also noteworthy are the illustrations of other sections devoted to the "man-made" wonders of the region. Among the authors are popular travel bloggers Sergey Dolya and Ivan Dementievsky. A number of photographs geographically related to the Primorsky Territory were taken by the famous industrial photographer Alexander Khitrov in the Far East.

The PressPass publishing house notes that today the book "100 Wonders of the Far East" is the only printed publication that combines unique phenomena and natural monuments of the regions of the Far Eastern Federal District, portraits and descriptions of rare species of plants and animals, cultural, industrial and infrastructure objects. “It's hard to imagine how rich and diverse our country is. It is sad that with such colossal territories and scales, true "miracles" remain unknown and inaccessible for years. We believe that the book “100 Wonders of the Far East” will help change the current situation and draw attention to the region, ”the publisher sums up.

Earlier PressPass, in cooperation with RAO ES of the East, published the book “The Far East. A modern guide ". The publication became the ancestor of a whole series of books about the region: in 2014, books about modern Yakutia and Kamchatka were also published.

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