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"Iron" asset

Metalworking as an industry in the Amur region functions well and within coal mining

In the mass consciousness, the economy of the Far East is more likely associated with shipping and mining than with industrial production. But this idea is only partially true.

"Iron" asset
Mechanical engineering and metalworking in the region are also present. Mainly in the Khabarovsk Territory and the Amur region. But often, resource-producing enterprises contain in their structure whole factories specializing in the repair and production of both individual parts and whole mechanical units. One of the illustrative examples is the Raychikhinsky Mechanical Repair Plant (RMZ), which is part of the Amur Coal JSC (in turn, it is a subsidiary of the Russian Coal federal holding).

The plant was founded back in 1939 on the territory of the present town of Raichikhinsk, which is located 160 km east of the regional center - Blagoveshchensk. A small repair base for the needs of the local coal mine has since grown into a whole repair and production complex, which fulfills orders not only for its parent company Amur Coal, but also for other enterprises in the region, from agricultural to gold mining.

- We can provide qualitative overhaul of various types and classes of special equipment: excavators, dump trucks, electrical equipment, transport and loading machines, cars, railway locomotives and wagons. In the list of services of the company: assembly of all types of steel structures, production of steel and non-ferrous castings, machining of parts, manufacturing of components and spare parts (about 200 types), installation of mining and process equipment, production and gasification of oxygen, says the director of Raichihinsky RMZ Victor Pototsky.

According to him, the machine park of RMZ consists today of 122 the newest units produced in Germany, Belarus and Russia. Orders for the plant come from all over the region and even from neighboring regions. Due to its focus on new technologies and the implementation of universal work, the company successfully passed the notorious crisis years. Moreover, it has recently increased its performance by 25%. In the plans of Raichihinsky RMZ, further modernization of equipment and expansion of production.

On the success of the enterprise, its shop structure, optimally sharpened for versatility, also works.

The plant consists of six main divisions. The mechanical section is responsible for the manufacture of various blocks, shafts, gears, gear shafts, couplings, etc.

Workers of the electrical repair area provide capital and medium repair of electric machines of alternating and direct current.

Casting site is fixed casting, melting of non-ferrous metal, production and hardening of solid parts for mining equipment.

At the output of the excavator site - various steel structures, buckets for excavators, beams of the handle. Here, also repair special equipment, are engaged in surfacing the worn out parts and restoring spare parts.

At the oxygen station, oxygen is produced, which is necessary for all production sites for technological purposes. Also, oxygen cylinders are being repaired here.

Set-up area provides a full range of works on installation, commissioning, testing of mining and process equipment.
The site for the repair of railway equipment produces maintenance and repair of rolling stock and locomotives.

Of course, no structure, even the most optimal one with the most modern equipment, will turn into an efficient production system without the main element - man. And not just a person, but a professional. “With this, the Raichikhinsky RMZ is also all right,” assures its director Viktor Pototsky, “today the plant employs about three hundred people. And among them there are both honored employees who have been employed at the enterprise for more than a dozen years, as well as young foremen and workers, not devoid of ingenuity, talent and diligence. "

- From the success of the operation of the Raichikhinsky RMZ, the main type of our activity depends entirely on coal mining, which the Amur Coal conducts in an open way in the Amur region. And the fact that apart from mining specialization the enterprise can serve other branches of the economy is a big plus for him, the parent company, and the region as a whole. For such universals, the future of not only the regional but also the Russian economy, "- expressed confidence in the conversation with the correspondent. EastRussia Deputy General Director for the power-mechanical farm JSC "Amur Coal" Vladimir Rymzin.

EastRussia help: In 2016, the miners of the Amur Region produced more than 3,4 million tonnes of brown thermal coal. The production results of the only coal mining enterprise in the region - Amur Coal JSC - not only exceeded the planned indicators by 5%, but also exceeded the results of the last year by 100 thousand tons of coal. The maintenance of the coal mining equipment and machinery in impeccable form was ensured, as always, by a non-core division of the company - the Raichikhinsky Mechanical Repair Plant. Every year the enterprise carries out overhauls of excavators and units of electric machines such as ESh 40/85, 20/90, 15/90, 11/70, 10/70, 10/60 and EKG 4U, 5, 5A, and also produces spare parts for them ... The list of nomenclature items of the plant is about 180 types of spare parts. In addition to servicing mining equipment, RMZ Amurugol JSC carries out repairs of electrical equipment, production of non-ferrous and steel castings, as well as forgings (blanks or finished products obtained by forging or hot die forging), production and gasification of oxygen, production of non-standard equipment, adjustment and installation of mining and technological equipment. In 2006, a section for the repair of railway equipment was included in the plant.
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