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Sberbank offered the market new products to assess employee development

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"It is important that there is a new innovative Far Eastern system"

Ruslan Sarkisov, General Director of the Far Eastern Federal District, on new innovative solutions for the Far Eastern Federal District

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"The main task is to ensure the stable operation of the power system"

Vitaly Sungurov, General Director of the branch of SO UES JSC, ODU East, on ensuring the sustainable operation of the energy system in any conditions

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"We set ambitious goals for the development of alternative energy"

The Governor of the Sakhalin Region - on the main goals set for the region

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"The main thing is to ensure the explosive growth of the entire non-resource sector"

General Director of the Yakutia Development Corporation - on the development of the creative economy in the republic

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Generation IT: Oncopoisk and Pocket Doctor

A Yakut student creates and promotes medical startups for the republic and the Far East

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From tradition to innovation

The head of Yakutia Aisen Nikolaev - about how the republic achieved significant positive changes in two years

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"In every crisis, we need to look for new opportunities for development"

First Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSCB "Almazergienbank" - on the difficulties and achievements in the context of a pandemic

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Ecology is a priority

Asachinsky GOK - at a new stage of development

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"Development of the transport complex is an important direction of Yakutia"

Minister of Transport and Roads of the Republic Vladimir Sivtsev - on the main projects and problems of the industry

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"In the Far Eastern Federal District, the local market allows you to open projects for ecotourism"

Leonid Agafonov, a member of the public council under the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East, EastRussia Managing Director, on the main problems of ecotourism in Russia

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"Ecotourism can be made good for local people"

Natalya Trunova, Vice President of the Center for Strategic Research Foundation, on the development of ecotourism and the PA system

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How they looked at the ODE

Head of the TINRO Pollock and Herring Laboratory - about the projections of the pollock population for the next ten years

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"The authorities must learn to help business"

Olga Kurilova, Head of the Far Eastern Representative Office of ASI, on the problems and prospects of the investment climate in the Far Eastern Federal District

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Alexander Vitko: we will cope with coronavirus

Minister of Health of the Khabarovsk Territory spoke about the main problems in the treatment of patients with coronavirus in the region

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“Now our help is of particular importance”

Chairman of the Far Eastern Bank PJSC Sberbank spoke about the features of the economic life of the Far East and assistance to the regions of the Far Eastern Federal District in restrictive conditions

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“The Kamchatka tourism community faces a number of serious problems”

The Chairman of the Board of the Association of Tourism Industry of Kamchatka, Irina Sedova, spoke about the work of the industry in conditions of restrictions

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Pavel Minakir: the pandemic has dealt a severe blow to the service sector in the Far Eastern Federal District

Scientific adviser at the Institute of Economic Research, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, on how the spheres of the economy of the Far East are experiencing a pandemic

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“Endowment is a fairly new tool for Russia”

Head of the Endowment Fund Evgenia Argunova - on a new form of financing

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Maritime education must be ahead of training

Rector of Moscow State University named after Nevelsky Denis Burov on the key tasks of training personnel for the Far East

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Sberbank will support business in the Far Eastern Federal District during the coronavirus

Chairman of the Far Eastern Bank PJSC Sberbank spoke about the products and offers of the bank to support entrepreneurs in times of crisis

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"The regions of the Far Eastern Federal District will not be able without Chinese trade"

Orientalist Andrei Ostrovsky - on the dependence of the economy of the Far East on China

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Psychologist: people were completely unprepared for self-isolation

Igor Lyubachevsky told how not to go crazy during quarantine and use the new mode with benefit

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“AFK Sistema may become an anchor investor in Yakutia”

The head of the Agency for attracting investment and export support of the republic, Alexander Kondrashin, told EastRussia about breakthrough projects in the region

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Education will follow a new trajectory

NEFU Rector Anatoly Nikolaev - on plans to improve training for the Far East

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“Pulling a gas pipeline in Transbaikalia is a crime”

Professor Vladimir Salikhov believes that the gas pipeline branch will lead to a deterioration in the economic and social situation in the region

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Vladimir Solodov: I like working second number

The Prime Minister of Yakutia in an interview with EastRussia spoke about the fight against poverty in the republic, the reduction of public sector employees and major projects

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