"Without a compass" - coal railroad tracks

The theme of the third issue of the program "Without a compass" was the mining and transportation of coal to the ports of the Far East.

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Yuri Kupriyanov: Yakut cinema is still ahead!

Today, cinema for Yakutia is the same brand as diamonds. Why has interest in Yakut cinema outside the republic so much increased in recent years, how does it "catch" the viewer? And what else will Yakut cinema delight fans with? EastRussia asked about this the Minister of Culture and Spiritual Development of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - Yuri Kupriyanov

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"We teach the smart not to be poor!"

Sergey Myasoedov, Vice-Rector of the RANEPA, Rector of the IBDA RANEPA, Doctor of Sociology, Professor - about who and why needs modern business education

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Degtyarev: we create precedents

Acting Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Mikhail Degtyarev answered questions from EastRussia

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Seaside pandemic vaccine

Primorye and in the pandemic remains a territory of opportunities. The negative trends of 2020 are only one side of the coin, on the other - positive changes in the investment climate and new preferences for business.

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"The level of trust in society depends on the quality of the dialogue between the authorities, business and residents."

Vasily Desyatkin, head of the regional SDGs, believes that the investment climate of any region consists not only of economic, financial and administrative conditions. An important role is played by the readiness of public authorities to be sensitive to the requests of business representatives and residents.

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"It's impossible to change the rules every year, and everyone jumped and ran."

The head of the Far Eastern leading enterprise in wood processing and export of round timber on the situation in the industry and on the attitude towards the possible emergence of a single state operator with the exclusive right to export round timber.

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Louis Crishok: convinced that the Russian Far East is of interest to American tourists

US Consul General in Vladivostok shared with EastRussia his impressions of the Russian Far East

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Sakhalin Bridge through the eyes of the Sakhalin ex-Minister of Transport

He does not yet exist and it is not known when he will appear, but his history is already the envy of other objects. Sakhalin Bridge - history of the issue.

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And became an AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already involved in various aspects of human life, but they continue the process of its creation. In the Far East, this is done at the FEFU.

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"Without a compass" - we are looking for a way out for the forest industry of the Far East

In the second edition of the program "Without a compass", a special guest, Konstantin Lashkevich, General Director of the RFP Group Management Company, shares his vision of the situation in the forest industry with the readers and viewers of the EastRussia portal.

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"We work with our projects with our sleeves rolled up"

Alexander Kondrashin, General Director of the Agency for Attraction of Investments of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), talks about how development institutions "got sick" from the coronavirus and continue their active life under the new rules.

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"The main goal of the ministry is to improve the quality and standard of living in the Arctic"

Vladimir Chernogradsky, Minister for the Development of the Arctic and Northern Affairs of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), on what has already been done and what remains to be done.

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What to do with pollock while China is closed?

Pollock fishing is in full swing, Chinese ports are still closed for Russian fish products, storage capacities in the Far East are about to be exhausted, and there is not enough processing capacity. But there is no reason for panic, says the ex-head of the Federal Agency for Fishery Andrey Krainy.

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You just have to believe and work hard

There are no impossible tasks - there are those for which only more effort is required. The Governor of the Sakhalin Region Valery Limarenko sums up the difficult 2020 and talks about plans for 2021.

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Dobroflot: only stronger hands in a storm

A good sailor will quickly react to any sea agitation, an excellent sailor will predict this excitement. Competent tactics and a proactive strategy allowed the Dobroflot group of companies to fully meet the “ninth wave” of tests caused by the pandemic - both on land and on water.

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Amur region: strength test passed

And in difficult times, you can achieve success, says the Governor of the Amur Region

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Overcoming difficulties to move forward

interview of the Consul General of the People's Republic of China Mr. Cui Guojie to the EastRussia agency

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Decent to live and work: what awaits Chukotka

Interview with the Governor of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug Roman Kopin

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To consolidate the received result

JSC "NMRP" is increasing production indicators at an accelerated pace

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Sakhaenergo - strength and reliability of northern energy

Results of the year and prospects for the leading energy company in the Far East

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Anton Zaitsev: “We have a very clear request from residents for normal recreational services”

Sakhalin Region announced the search for new investors in tourism infrastructure

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Put it on the line: it has become easier for business to go to "non-cash"

Business cards help entrepreneurs and companies to do business easier and cut costs

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"We are planning to create a Film and Animation Support Fund in Yakutia"

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Sergey Mestnikov - on the main areas of development and key sectors for investment

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Top frame

Sberbank offered the market new products to assess employee development

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"It is important that there is a new innovative Far Eastern system"

Ruslan Sarkisov, General Director of the Far Eastern Federal District, on new innovative solutions for the Far Eastern Federal District

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"The main task is to ensure the stable operation of the power system"

Vitaly Sungurov, General Director of the branch of SO UES JSC, ODU East, on ensuring the sustainable operation of the energy system in any conditions

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