Emphasis on Kamchatka Products

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Emphasis on Kamchatka Products

I had the idea of ​​opening a restaurant 17 years ago. I’ve been cooking in the Kamchatka restaurants. It has been a mix of local ingredients. It was not a good idea. Not to even mention the quality of food or the prices. 2017 I succeeded.

I made it possible for the local flora and fauna as possible. We want you to have access to fresher fish than in Moscow. I had no problems since I had been living in Kamchatka since 1974 and had been living in the fishing industry. I graduated from the merchant marine academy. I had some acquaintances, friends in high places; If you’re not sure, you’ll be able to get it.

Our restaurant serves to pin down to specific nation's cuisine. It’s Soviet-Russian cuisine with Ukrainian elements, take borscht, for example. The key is we focus on local products.

I opened it for the locals but it turned out that it was among the curiosity among visitors. Because it is commonplace, it has been commonplace, while tourists take pleasure in them. Locals prefer a meat-based menu. But fish dominates the selection. The main varieties we serve are skate wings, cod, salmon, perch, sea bass, and halibut. Liver and heart, and elk meat. Of our specialties, made it with black cod. Try our calamari salad or warm salad with smelt. I definitely recommend the Chinook salmon or venison tartar. All things considered, there is a lot that I'm proud to serve. Elk cutlets were a hit! Or the crab-based Olivier salad. If you are cooking fish, you will be able to cook it. cod and perch.

Guests from other regions also love my restaurant; I would like to go to the street. Food lovers are amazed. Us, this summer: Swedish, American, and Korean tourists. I am pleased that they are taken to my establishment.

I don't allow live music; our restaurant is a place to eat and talk. We have invested quite a lot in it, our interior is unique. Our dishes. It is an art to it.

The PalmaFest. 2017 out of the 80, and we were in the final ten. Our restaurant is where you need it. 10rd place. The competition involved real gastronomic powerhouses and we were the first Kamchatka restaurant to reach such heights. We were given the Restaurateur of the Year award.

We have a weak spot - waiters and quality of service. The job is not prestigious. It is only abroad that people work as waiters until they retire. We just have students as a rule. It is not a problem. I am not worried about it; It has been the time when I’ve been making it to the kitchen. It doesn’t help. I have been able to respond responsively to their salary. If not, there is nothing you can do.