Aims to support business

The government is taking care of the situation, the head of the government and the government of Kamchatka Territory.

Aims to support business
- What kind of support do you need for tourism projects in Kamchatka Territory?
- It’s a high-priority country investment. We offer a wide range of state support measures. They include subsidiaries of the 3 in the tourism industry. X-NUMX single beds; of the Russian Homestead campaign; wind power plant and generators; and a café at the Lesnaya Polyana Recreation Resort. 80 six roubles were made from 18 to 2017. Another important measure is state support of investment activities. It is provided in accordance with Law No. The 2018 of Kamchatka Territory has been approved.
In the case of the investment projects, there are tax incentives. Moreover, they have been reimbursed for energy and wastewater. The subsidy doesn’t exceed the actual amount of costs of the company.

- The state does not only help with money. Could you tell us about non-financial supporting measures?
- Yes, there are a lot. They include the appointment of curators; investment project in the Kamchatka Territory; participation in Russian and international exhibitions, forums, presentations, etc. targeted at attraction investments in the economy of Kamchatka Territory; and the conclusion of concession agreements. The investment portal of the Kamchatka Territory containing no information and investment support activities.

- Could you name this project?
- The Noviy Dom LLC project - a hotel complex on Leningradskaya Street (implementation period: 2016 — 2019, investment amount: 1,334 million roubles). The investment project has been defined as the investment project (2013 — 2020, investment amount: 920 million roubles). Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky project implementation (2016 — 2018, investment amount: 236 million roubles). - What are the legal legal regimes in Kamchatka Territory? - The Government of the Russian Federation approved the resolution
"On the Creation of the Advanced Social and Economic Development Territory 'Kamchatka'". The port of Vladivostok. The regime has been applied to the urban district of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky since 3. July 2016. There are no restrictions on the level of social security and economic and social security. environmental infrastructure projects.

- What are the promising projects in Kamchatka stand out for you in particular?
- The tourist recreation clusters Paratunka, Zelenovskiye Ozerki, Petrovskaya Sopka, and Petropavlovskaya Gavan, Zhemchuzhina Kamchatki (the Pearl of Kamchatka). It is a milestone on the site of the peninsula.

The Cluster Development Center in Kamchatka
In 2017 — The Agency for Investments and Development of the Cluster Development Center (CDC). 2018 tourist companies. The CDC supports them through the following services: joint cluster projects. Up to date
Moreover, it has been established that it can be used as a project.
On 10 — It was held in the Kamchatka Territory. It includes a number of training activities.