"The Far East is being greatly supported, but businesses should also be more active"

Dmitry Sukhoverkhov discusses the priorities of Sberbank in the developing East of the country

In April 2017, Dmitry Sukhoverkhov became the Chairman of the Sberbank of Russia. He previously managed the bank's Rostov branch. Nearly six months since his appointment, Mr. Sukhoverkhov in the Far East. It has been noted that there has been a development in the field of taxation. this interview in EastRussia's interview.

"There are more opportunities in the Far East to grow business"

- You have been in the region since spring. What is your overall impression?
- It is an energetic experience. This is, by the way, very reminiscent of the South of Russia. In addition, it is a lot of different regions. What I see in the business environment. This is a huge number of local businesses. The European part of Russia has been taken over by network companies, from barbershops to grocery chains. I believe that the economy is in the Far East. Make decisions in the field. This also has an influence on the banking business.

In the case of the Far East, it’s not a problem. Zone, or the possibility of concessional lending?
It’s clear that you’ve been in Moscow. Petersburg and, perhaps, Sochi. These are huge investments, and they become very noticeable when you move here. In a very long time. I believe that it strongly depends on the project itself. There is no general prescription for everyone. Someone, of course, needs infrastructure above all if there are production sites. The Far East and the Baikal Region Development Fund (FEDF). In the case of cooperation with FEDF, Sberbank, it is also possible that it will be subject to restrictions. The 6.5 program is being realized and the amount of funding is from 10.6 million rubles. X-NUMX for businesses in the Far East for more than a year.

- What is the key to the Far East?
- If we’re talking about investment projects, then we’re long-term resources, ready-to-use programs and, most importantly, experience in their implementation. We have even more global plans. If you are submitting a document, you can’t get a ready-made result. It's always a dialog. It would be a good idea to help you if you were a consultant activity.

- Can you also teach something without applying for a loan?
- Not only that: we already teach entrepreneurs. Together with Google, it is called Business Class. The course includes classes and classes in Vladivostok and Khabarovsk. It consists of video lessons, tests, additional materials and webinars. The Eastern Federal District have been registered at the moment. 8 years. Business interests are extremely extensive: In July, the first workshop for entrepreneurs took place. 30 businesspeople from Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. It was led by Konstantin Kholstinin, a well-known Moscow expert in marketing and business modeling. I’ve been told about how we’re thinking about improving business models. The client feedback was very positive.

"The innovativeness of the Far East needs to be supported"

- You have mentioned cooperation with China. Sberbank and Harbin Bank have MT50 million fund investment fund, which has been approved by investors. If you are going to enter the Chinese market?
- Sberbank is actually one of the leaders in crediting startups. We will definitely be able to achieve synergy. However, the payment and conversion operations. Yes, we had a positive case of attracting funding. There were transactions last year, so far. We’ve seen our Chinese partners, despite the fact that they’ve been in China, new paths for development.

- What innovations will you present at the Eastern Economic Forum?
- Sberbank always takes an active part in the EEF. In the case of a national investment policy meeting It’s easy to develop a small business project for the Far East, entitled "Easy start! Development of small business." At that meeting, the discussion will focus on business development, including through new banking services. At the session, "Cybercrime - a key threat to the digital economy," which will be a company in the digital economy. business ecosystem

In addition, he is interested in exporting the products from the Asia-Pacific Region. Harbin Bank is currently searching for Chinese counterparties for our clients. The signing of multilateral and bilateral agreements is possible.

We will introduce new digital solutions for clients. There are a number of business applications.

"We have huge potential to introduce advanced products"

- What special products can Sberbank offer to the population of the Far East?
- On the one hand, the financial services. But, on the other hand, these products are highly advantageous. The digitalization of the banking business, it's already the reality. And I’m here in the Far East. Say, for example, I walk into a store in some remote village. Bank cards aren’t the most reliable payment method. But there is a sign that it says, "Sberbank card, the phone number is such." People realized that money can be transfered with the speed of SMS. And where there is cellular coverage, Sberbank provides opportunities for payments much more convenient than via cash. It makes it possible to reach it sooner than the rest. You can send it over the phone. These tools are available for a long time. People have a hard time accepting innovations when it comes to finances. But now we’re seeing a part of everyday life.

- it is already possible to take out a loan online without visiting the bank at all?
- You can apply for a loan through Sberbank Online. Through the DomClick service, you can apply for a loan. The client can visit the office directly to obtain the loan. The app for your mobile app and your mobile app. For example, it has been possible to make it possible for them to use it. Through the same portal, you can get advice on your mortgage 2017 / 8, as well as select real estate. One more breakthrough of the registration of real estate ownership. It has already been used. If the order is to take into account, it’s electronically.