Ruslan Baysarov: We're Building the Railway in Tyva

Ruslan Baysarov discusses how to improve your infrastructure.

In the Republic of Tyva — the Elegest-Kyzyl-Kuragino line. 2019-km-long railroad will connect with the federal railway infrastructure. Ruslan Baysarov, the company's general director, shared the story of this project.

Ruslan Baysarov: We're Building the Railway in Tyva

There has been a lot of discussions in Tyva. What is the status of the project today?

Ruslan Baysarov: In May 2009, the Kyzyl-Kuragino JSC and the Federal Agency for Rail Transport, acting on behalf of the Russian Federation, entered into a concession agreement. The Elegest-Kyzyl-Kuragino railroad train He was singled out as soon as possible.

In April of this year, JSC TEPK Kyzyl-Kuragino signed the agreement with the Russian Railways. Help the accelerate the project.

What can this line provide for the region?

Ruslan Baysarov: It’s not important that the national transport system has reached the level of the national transport system. It is a new generation of jobs that can be used to make a job. youn’t be able to go through the Krasnoyarsk Krai. The Railway Aidyn-Kys Road He said it would be a road for the Eastern Eastern Corridor. "

What is particularly unusual about this railroad?

Ruslan Baysarov: It’s a bit of a complex landscape landscape and geological conditions. It’s a lot of bridges and bridges that need to be built. In total, there’s a lot of bridges and tunnels out of the total area. -kilometer line. Therefore, you can’t have a lot of experience. ”

Currently, M-54 and A-162 highways, Tyva can be accessed. Why is a railroad necessary?

Ruslan Baysarov: "For freight. The line will be carried out by the ship. It will take you a lot of time." It has been shown that it has been taken for the second time.

It is a coalition in the East Siberian region. However, it’s not a problem. ”

SK Most, your company is building a bridge over the Amur River. How is construction coming along?

Ruslan Baysarov: "In the region of the Jewish Autonomous Region, we’ve been connected to the Jewish Autonomous Region. In the future, it can be a number of ways to go on track. There are no limits on the number of millimeters for the rolling stock. kilometers. "

What other projects is the company working on?

Ruslan Baysarov: "In addition, we are building a new transport bridge. And in addition, we are building it. across the Amur River. We’re also digging tunnels for the Moscow Metro, among many other projects. "