Roads of Kamchatka

Comfortable transfers. A trip to the hotel or a sightseeing spot. There is a new, comfortable buses in Kamchatka. Business owner, Oleg Pushayev, It’s not a problem.

Roads of Kamchatka
- Why have you decided to enter the tourism sector?
- About 18 years ago, one of the Kamchatka tour companies. I used to drive tourists around in a Hiace minibus. I was hired because my minibus was better than others. The business was steadily growing and developing along with urban and suburban passenger transportation. I’m still one of the business. Tourist traffic in September; there are only sporadic orders throughout the year.

- How much has your vehicle park grown since then?
- At present, I have a number of tour buses. About five years ago, Mercedes vehicles. WE only use them for tourism; we do not use them on urban routes. Now, I have four of these buses. We have buses with 33, 41 and 44 seats but they are also used on urban routes and suburban routes. Kamchatka's biggest problem is that it’s used for tourist groups. When cruise liners arrive.

- What do you believe in your career?
- This year, I purchased a large, 51-seat bus made in China. It is brand new, manufactured in 2018. It is a tourist-class bus; like the ones used in Moscow, St. Petersburg and in other major cities. There is only one such bus in Kamchatka. It’s naturally that I’ve got it. I decided to be at the forefront. During the peak season this year, a lot of companies ordered orders for the bus. It offers a completely different service level. The Kamchatka Territory Agency for Investments and Business Support helped me buy the vehicle. 10 m. The Agency made the first lease payment - RUB 3 m. It was significant support. Naturally, it is not enough to develop the transportation infrastructure. So far, I used this support measure; It is more than seven years. If you are a tourist, you must be able to support many transport companies.

–What is the purchase of vehicles?
- Most tour companies work with me; they are not used on routes within the city. Most road transfers are entrusted to me. While 18 years ago, there are now 15 of them. The drivers should be able to keep track of their drivers. I have several drivers who have been driving for years. This has been a relationship.

- What are your problems?
- One of the problems is the short tourist season. I need you to travel for a month. But the main problem lies in popular sights and tourist attractions. Even the airport is ill-suited for large buses. Tourists group; It is a huge number of private vehicles. Another issue: there are no roads, for example. Tree branches overhang the road and there are a lot of potholes and bumps. New, lower cars cannot drive there. The road was graded once this year - to prepare for the arrival of Dmitry Medvedev. It has been noted that it has been a rule. At the camping grounds. It is in everyone's interests. So far though, there wasn’t any kind of terrific bus service that could be offered.

- What are the priorities for you in terms of business development?
- My top priority task is upgrading my fleet. This is a link to the car’s safety system. New buses are easier to maneuver, they are more reliable. We really need to focus on this area. It’s very important that you’ve been contacting it. I also have another objective - to enter into collaboration with other tour companies. Competition.

- How are your logistics and infrastructure development in Kamchatka? What are the prospects?
- Ten years ago, the roads were much worse. Where do you want to travel? If you’re looking for roads, you’ll be able to get around. Large buses cannot even reach the pier on the Bogorodskoye Lake. But I don’t need to be able to access it. I cannot confidently say that the infrastructure being developed but I hope that this will change.