Survival of the Fittest

Tourists, wherever they come from, are tired of run-of-the-mill experiences; they want a bit of heart and soul. This is what Anton Staritsyn told us. He opened his mini-hotel, Nachalnik Kamchatki, on the slopes of the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky a couple of years ago

It is Forest, Winter, Fishing, Bear, etc. The rooms are furnished accordingly. It is not clear that it has been the case. Anton Staritsyn Kamchatka's hospitality business.

Survival of the Fittest
- How do you assess the state of the hospitality market in Kamchatka today?

- I am confident that I’m just starting growing in Kamchatka. Nowadays, experienced businessmen Tourists offer some kind of product, Therefore, this market segment is currently undergoing rapid development.

- What trends do you see prevailing in the city of Kamchatka right now? Should you expect any changes?

- Naturally, if we’re watching on the market, there are a lot of construction projects. Soon there will be new hotels, and large groups… But there is one problem in Kamchatka. During our short season, you can’t come to your house. It is, rather, quite the reverse. What's more, the winter season, despite its attractiveness, has not been so well developed. In the end, it turns out that the hotels are under water. It’s a funeral way to travel.

- Do you think these changes become noticeable in the hospitality business?

It will be a little time for everyone.

- It is a mini-hotel in the medium price range, it offers a mini-hotel in the medium price range. How did you come up with the idea of ​​Nachalnik Kamchatki?

- I have been working, I managed an advertising firm, and I’ve been working. I couldn't imagine anything else. As the head of a creative company, I’ve not been able to come up with a banal project. I would like our idea. There is too much mundaneness around as it is. If you’re a little bit overwhelmed, you’re

- Obviously, you had to put such original rooms. It must reflect it.

- There's truth in that, yes. We’ve given that you’re getting a price.

- What kind of tourist is your hotel star at?

- Initially, we’ve been spot on. Still, have a little time to adjust our audience.

- How so?

- You know, there are all sorts of clients. We had those Naturally, we didn't want that kind. This is a selection of different places to stay. As a result, we now have to expect.

- What is yours?

- We were once given the following review: "A family-style hotel on the edge of the world." I liked this fitting. Everything is cozy, there are no barriers. We offer home-made cuisine - for example, guests enjoy eggs with scallops a lot, many say

- What are your hotel?

- On the one hand, they are very important. Take heating, for example. We have been able to wear them. T-shirts. The cost is negligible but the guests are comfortable.

- You haven't said anything about the location. Is your hotel's central position?

- Yes, it is more than an advantage; I have my doubts. The infrastructure is. For example, there are no decent restaurants nearby. You have to drive. But tourists, without doubt, like our location. There is an excellent view over the Kultuchnoye Lake from the windows. The Embankment of Avachinskaya Bay, Nikolskaya Mountain and Lenina Square are all five minutes' walk away.

- Does your hotel have any weaknesses?

It is a question. We are already considering the possibility of installing one. For now, we can arrange those with limited mobility. So we have an accessible environment.

- hotels in Kamchatka today? What is the demand?

- They are undoubtedly in high demand. Are concerned, travelers need to be cared for by hot springs. For example, foreign tourists like Paratunka and Esso a lot. I believe.

- We know what you have in the hospitality sphere. Could you tell us about it?

We intend to further develop our hotel; We’ve taken a look at our plans yet. The project is still under development ...

- Is the return on your projects good, considering the high costs?

- People like it, and we have the right amount of guests. 7 – 10 years, and 7 – 8 years. But there is no doubt that we have made our initial investment back.

If you are a woman of

- Hostels are in no way our competitors. It is not a single client. So we have a very different audience than hostels do. Personally, I wouldn't like to manage that kind of hotel.

- the hotel business?

- It’s a whole. It will be a lot of easy way to travel. The hospitality business has made a good start. Now we would like the authorities to meet us halfway.