Gastro-tourism is new for Kamchatka but tourists are already elated

"We adore what we do," he told us. - can can gladly confirm with a restaurant. But it is worth mentioning that but now we see it. Travelers are surprised at the bottom of the dishes. It’s been a project.

Gastro-tourism is new for Kamchatka but tourists are already elated

- Ms. Kolusheva, let's start with a bit of history. How did you get the idea that Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky needed a meat restaurant?

- It started with a hobby: I'd participated in various master classes, including those offered by Michelin restaurants. I know the chefs from well-known Moscow restaurants. It has been a long time since it’s been opening. It has been given that it has been approved. the years.

- Why a meat restaurant and not something else?

It was a restaurant at the time of the Kamchatka. There are no other establishments in the wine list. Our restaurant offers a variety of wines from around the world in Kamchatka. Wine list and bar menu.

It is also a fact that the residents are It is no longer interesting to the local residents. I longed for something new.

“For residents,” he said. Do you get tourists visiting you?

- Naturally. We’ve got a lot of tourists.

- Your restaurant has a peculiar interior. How was it created?

- It is our own idea. My husband used to be some small items, ideas we liked. Design of our venue. It could be touched and felt.

There are no points in Kamchatka. For example, we brought the bricks from St. Petersburg. In the past few years, it’s not a problem. The wooden slabs are also remarkable. We found them on the border with Belarus. 200 – 300 years. They have a unique energy. It has been selected that it has been carefully selected.

- Do you plan to introduce local Kamchatka cuisine to your menu?

- It is a tricky question. Kamchatka recipes. What is Kamchatka cuisine? It is not Russian, what is it? Can you name a Kamchatka dish? Fish cutlets? You can find them anywhere. For me, Kamchatka cuisine For example, we cooked fish pelmeni died kaldera - this is our signature treatment. We use venison a lot. We cook it using the French sous-vide method of cooking in a vacuum. Then it becomes very soft and juicy. Tourists love this dish. When they try it, they are ecstatic. They cant be like this. Even famous Moscow restaurateurs who visited us were shocked by our venison.

- Is your meat restaurant a success?

- The project is quite successful. Since we are working hard. People feel our sincerity and willingness. This is what our idea was about. We change the menu all the time - our chef Williams Suarez is very creative. He blends all kinds of tastes into unique fusions.

- What are your plans for the future? A fish restaurant, maybe?

- We are a seafood restaurant. In the case of a coalition, it’s not a problem.

- As for gastronomic tourism ...

It is a great potential. I believe that Kamchatka needs a gastronomic festival because tourism and gastronomy are very closely related concepts. Take away more than just memories of the landscape; they also remember the tastes.