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Trans-Baikal Territory Heat-generating wood chips

Fuel pellets - pellets are an environmentally friendly and cheap alternative to coal. And in the Far East, it would seem, there are all conditions in order to establish mass production and transfer small boiler houses to this type of fuel. However, so far the pellets are "slipping" both in terms of production and sales.

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Magadan region Strawberry insufficiency

In the Magadan region, they began to grow indoor strawberries in an uninterrupted mode. The launch of a large year-round greenhouse complex in the region was planned for several years, until an investor was found - from local industrialists.

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Analytics DV subjects were upset - there are more "squares", fewer tenants

Those leaving the Far East are improving statistics on the provision of housing for those who remain.

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Pulse of Charcoal - May 8

Coal industry - actual figures and facts. Partner project of the Modern Analytical Agency (CAA) and the EastRussia portal

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Opinions Will the Moscow coach teach you bad things?

Why are sales techniques from Moscow trainers harmful for the Far Eastern market?

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Khabarovsk Krai Wider BAM!

BAM needs a download. BAM needs a reboot. Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Government Marat Khusnullin, who has become the curator of this direction since the beginning of 2021, talks about what needs to be done on the highway.

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Khabarovsk Krai Khabarovsk Territory is a huge nothing

The brand of the region is understood as a formulated, understandable, meaningful visual image of the territory. With all the wealth of symbols - the Himalayan bear, Cupid, taiga, petroglyphs, tigers - the Khabarovsk Territory cannot boast of having a brand.

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Growth: how to get additional financing for business development?

A whole line of tools from Sberbank will help businesses of any size grow faster

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