Demographic development
The Far East
All-Russian Conference
Khabarovsk, 25 - 26 May 2015

Minvostokrazvitiya will analyze the reasons for the outflow of population from the region

The Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East plans to conduct sociological research to analyze the factors of outflow of population from the region, determine the level and condition of the social well-being of residents and the level of migration readiness of Russian citizens, RIA Novosti reported. The application for the relevant state contract is posted on the public procurement portal.

The executor of the state contract will have to conduct an all-Russian representative survey, which will involve at least 1,6 thousand people and a survey of at least 8 thousand residents of the Far East, as well as organize various focus group discussions. Among other tasks - monitoring of the media and the blogosphere.

Within the framework of these events it is planned to determine the attitude of the population of Russia to the Far East, to assess the main stereotypes of the perception of the macroregion, to develop models for the formation of migratory moods and migration behavior of the inhabitants of the region, and to prepare proposals for increasing the attractiveness of the Far Eastern region and adjusting socio-economic policies. In addition, the performer will have the task of identifying the main trends in the population change to 2030 and 2050.

Summing up the competition is scheduled for 30 March. The services must be completed by June 22 this year. The initial (maximum) price of the state contract is 30 million rubles.