Demographic development
The Far East
All-Russian Conference
Khabarovsk, 25 - 26 May 2015

Appeal of V.I. Shportra to the participants of the conference

Dear participants of the conference!

I cordially greet you at an event of such importance for our region - the All-Russian Conference on the Demographic Development of the Far East.

We are pleased that the Khabarovsk Territory has been chosen as a platform for such a significant event.

Improving the demographic policy is a priority for our state. The relevance of the demographic policy is indicated, once again, in the Presidential Address, defined in the Concepts of the demographic and family policy of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2025 year. The main measures to implement this policy are enshrined in the Decrees of the President.

The problems of demography are under special control of the country's leadership and the Government of the Khabarovsk Territory pays priority attention to their solution.

The region is implementing a set of measures to increase the birth rate, reduce mortality and stabilize the population.

Due to this, over the past three years a natural increase in population has been observed in the region.

The birth rate is increasing year by year, mainly due to third and subsequent children. In 2014, they were born more than 3 thousand - 12 percent more than in 2013 year.

The number of large families is growing. Today there are more than 10 thousand in the region - one and a half thousand more than in 2013 year.

To encourage such families, an honorary sign "Parental Glory of the Khabarovsk Territory" was established in 2013.

Citizens, awarded with this sign, upon retirement are paid a monthly personal allowance at the expense of the regional budget.

We are making great efforts to consolidate the population in the province. In the name of this goal, we increase the volume of housing construction, increase its accessibility, build modern social infrastructure facilities - kindergartens, schools, sports complexes, improve the quality of health care and education. In a word, we are increasing the attractiveness of living conditions in the Far East.

I am sure that the results of today's conference, the joint work of experts in the field of demography will be new concrete ideas for solving demographic problems.

Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory VI Shport