Demographic development
The Far East
All-Russian Conference
Khabarovsk, 25 - 26 May 2015

Appeal of A.S. Galushki to the conference participants

Dear participants of the conference!

Demography remains one of the most sensitive and significant problems in the development of the Russian Far East.

Ultimately, it is the increase in population and the growth of the quality of human capital that constitute the main goal and key meaning of all state activities for the development of the Far East.

In short, we should be more and we must be the best in terms of competence, moral life, work and creativity. This is the best development of the Far East, the rise of which is defined by the President of Russia as a national priority for the entire 21st century.

It is important that in this development we fix the first positive results: the past - 2014 year - was the year of natural population growth in the Far East, the birth rate exceeded the death rate for 9334 people. At the same time, I want to draw your attention to the fact that in just one year more than a quarter (!) The outflow of population decreased. The growth of industrial production, the creation of new, modern, well-paid jobs attract people. Chukotka Autonomous District last year showed the highest in the country - 134% - growth in industrial production. More than a thousand people came to new jobs.

It is obvious that it is necessary to consistently and purposefully develop these positive trends, strengthen the value of the family institution, especially supporting large families, stimulate fertility, and reduce mortality. At the same time, conditions should be created to improve the quality of life, the flow of investment, the development of new industries and the creation of tens of thousands of new modern jobs, as the main condition for the influx of population to the Far East.

It is in this vein that active work is being done to adjust the various State programs in the interests of the development of the Far East, to create territories for outpacing socio-economic development, to support significant investment projects, and to develop small businesses. The practical implementation of the initiative, second-hand by the President of Russia, about free allocation of land in the Far East for conducting agriculture, forestry, hunting and business creation is being prepared.

I would like to emphasize once again that all this is done for people - our main and unconditional value. For this, the Concept of the demographic policy of the Far East for the period up to 2030 is being developed, the main directions of which you will discuss at the conference.

The recommendations of the conference will be the basis for improving the national and regional demographic and migration policies in the Far East of Russia, for developing new decisions at the federal level.

There is no doubt about this, since the status of the All-Russian Conference, which brought together leading experts and experts in the field of demography, representatives of relevant federal ministries and departments, heads of the Far Eastern Federal District and its regions, is certainly authoritative and high.

I wish you productive work.

Minister of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East Galushka