August 13: current information on coronavirus in the Far East
Digest of regional events and latest statistics
Chukotka "Transliman" is overgrown with concession details

An ambitious project for the construction of a cableway air bridge in Chukotka is being escorted by the Far East Agency for Attracting Investments and Export Support

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Interview How they looked at the ODE

Head of the TINRO Pollock and Herring Laboratory - about the projections of the pollock population for the next ten years

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Special Projects
  • Coal of the East of Russia
  • Oil and gas of the East of Russia
  • Ecology of the East of Russia
  • Finance of the East of Russia
  • # Unsuccessful - project about people who stayed
  • Far East hectare: history
  • TORA and Free Port
  • Heroes of the cosmodrome "Vostochny"
  • Financial literacy
  • Demographic development of the Far East
Interview "The authorities must learn to help business"

Olga Kurilova, Head of the Far Eastern Representative Office of ASI, on the problems and prospects of the investment climate in the Far Eastern Federal District

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Khabarovsk Krai Khabarovsk street of the acting governor did not wait

Why did Mikhail Degtyarev come to the protesting region?

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Analytics Experts suggest giving Russians certificates for lost income

Alexander Galushka and Artur Niyazmetov formulated the mechanism of guaranteed certificates - the domestic analogue of the idea of ​​an unconditional basic income

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Analytics Region of promising energy construction

How DRSK is changing the power grid complex of the Far East due to the new construction of power lines and substations

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Primorsky Krai Time for new solutions

Vladivostok International Airport increases air traffic

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Amur Region Vegetable to help

Vasily Orlov said that the agrarians of the Amur region will receive support, since local stores should have their vegetables and potatoes on the shelves all year round

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Interview Alexander Vitko: we will cope with coronavirus

Minister of Health of the Khabarovsk Territory spoke about the main problems in the treatment of patients with coronavirus in the region

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  • Silver smelt
  • Spaceport to launch is ready!
  • We are very few
  • TOSER Khabarovsk Territory
  • Sea Inside
  • Khabarovsk
  • Kamchatka is unique
  • Russian America
  • 10 Wonders of the Far East
  • Culture and Traditions
Success story New Gateway to the North

Resident of ASEZ "Yakutia" is building a cargo terminal in the village of Nizhny Bestyakh

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The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) From stone to metal

Since the start of the development of the Gross deposit, 13 tons of gold have been produced

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Interview Pavel Minakir: the pandemic has dealt a severe blow to the service sector in the Far Eastern Federal District

Scientific adviser at the Institute of Economic Research, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, on how the spheres of the economy of the Far East are experiencing a pandemic

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Interview “The Kamchatka tourism community faces a number of serious problems”

The Chairman of the Board of the Association of Tourism Industry of Kamchatka, Irina Sedova, spoke about the work of the industry in conditions of restrictions

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Khabarovsk Krai Live and work in Amursk

How to unleash the potential of small towns

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Interview “Now our help is of particular importance”

Chairman of the Far Eastern Bank PJSC Sberbank spoke about the features of the economic life of the Far East and assistance to the regions of the Far Eastern Federal District in restrictive conditions

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Success story Visiting the scallop

SPV resident plans to combine mariculture and tourism in the Primorsky Territory

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The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Safety is number one priority

How in the Yakutsk branch of Polymetal they follow the rules of safe work

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American lawyer convicted of fraud in "asbestos cases"

The famous defender was involved in high-profile fraud

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The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) From pharmacists to travelers

Yakutianka Darina Fedorova hitchhiked half the world and opened her own tourism project in her hometown

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Analytics “It will be good, but not always and not for everyone”

Economists predict a quick economic recovery in the Far East

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