November 29: current information on coronavirus in the Far East
Digest of regional events and latest statistics
Pulse of Coal - November 27

Coal industry - actual figures and facts. Partner project of the Modern Analytical Agency (CAA) and the EastRussia portal

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The Far East will pay for heat according to the new model

"Alternative boiler house" radically changes the structure of the market - the growth of tariffs may exceed inflation

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Khabarovsk Krai Export of the Khabarovsk Territory is not only timber and fish

What is the export of the Khabarovsk Territory in 2021, what is its export potential and how the authorities support exporters - the Ministry of Economic Development of the Territory told about this.

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Interview The Far East says goodbye to round timber

On December 5, the last carriage with an export consignment of round timber will leave for the border with China. Alexander Sidorenko, chairman of the Dalexportles association, spoke about what will happen next with the forest industry of the Far East in an interview with EastRussia.

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  • Silver smelt
  • Spaceport to launch is ready!
  • We are very few
  • TOSER Khabarovsk Territory
  • Sea Inside
  • Khabarovsk
  • Kamchatka is unique
  • Russian America
  • 10 Wonders of the Far East
  • Culture and Traditions
Analytics Squeezing in an electric refueling station

The development of charging infrastructure for electric transport in cities depends on the interaction of investors and municipalities.

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Neighbors Gan Bei! Drinking in Chinese

What, how much and for what reason do they drink in China? Sinologist Alexander Isaev, who has lived for 17 years in the PRC, studied the issue "from the inside".

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Khabarovsk Krai Export boundaries

The situation with cargo checkpoints in the Far East was discussed at the Far Eastern Export Forum.

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Special Projects
  • Coal of the East of Russia
  • Oil and gas of the East of Russia
  • Ecology of the East of Russia
  • Yakutsk Initiative
  • Finance of the East of Russia
  • # Unsuccessful - project about people who stayed
  • Far East hectare: history
  • TORA and Free Port
  • Heroes of the cosmodrome "Vostochny"
  • Financial literacy
  • Energy of the Far East Investment Forum
  • Demographic development of the Far East
Analytics East Asia Summit 2021: New Milestones

Tough confrontation or mutually beneficial cooperation - the participants of the East Asian summit were looking for answers to the age-old question of the coexistence regime.

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Analytics Take coal and achieve neutrality

The coal industry must adapt in the fight against climate change in Russia and the world

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Success story Honest chef

From Khabarovsk to Khabarovsk via Moscow - the story of the chef Alexey Shilov

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Interview Claude Schimper, KINROSS GOLD: benefitting people in balance with nature

Claude Schimper, Senior Vice President for Production Management in Russia, Kinross Gold, told EastRussia about how it was possible to maintain the level of gold mining during the pandemic, about working with the authorities, about logistics at Chulbatkan and about responsibility to people and nature.

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Analytics Offshore, welcome home!

Why offshore on Russky Island has a great future

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Interview Alexander Galushka: Russia needs a socio-economic General Staff

Targeted management of the country's socio-economic development and the implementation of the highest national priority - saving and multiplying the people of Russia, requires the creation of a new type of state body, believes the Deputy Secretary of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Coordinating Council of the RF Public Chamber for National Projects and National Saving, ex-Minister of the Russian Federation for the development of East Alexander Galushka.

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Tourism What can I say about Sakhalin - 2

The Khabarovsk correspondent of EastRussia shares life hacks and everyday nuances of a family car trip across Sakhalin.

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Primorsky Krai Trepanation of trepang

"Learn everything about trepang": how the bewilderment of the guide-interpreter helped to open a unique museum

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Opinions Five mistakes sales managers make

Sales trainings are the main bread of a business trainer in our region - businesses invest in such training that can bring the fastest possible commercial result.

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Sakhalin Region Murmansk Sakhalin residents

The outflow of the population from the Far East is an indisputable fact, but there is another movement - from west to east.

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Primorsky Krai Minsk-London-Stockholm-Moscow-Vladivostok

Leaving his native Minsk for foggy London in 2001 after graduating from university, civil engineer Vasily Grebennikov did not expect that Vladivostok fogs would become his native fogs.

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Chukotka Whalen: stick together so you don't get blown away

How the most eastern school of Russia lives, where they speak two languages

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Interview Alexey Maslov: "The key to success in the East is expertise that allows you to get into your head"

What needs to be done by business and the state for the Far East to become successful in terms of exports and attracting investments, as well as what kind of system China is trying to build on a global scale, and how Russia can be useful for it in this.

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Analytics Lifting force of the Far Eastern aviation

On which planes, when and where the Far Easterners in the region will be able to fly, as well as the economics of the process of moving by air in the Far Eastern Federal District, were discussed at the profile session of EEF-2021

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Interview Sergey Kolesnikov: problems are being solved in the Far East for a long time

Co-owner and managing partner of TECHNONICOL corporation Sergey Kolesnikov - about infrastructure problems faced by business in the Far East

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Khabarovsk Krai On the path of "green technologies"

Polymetal enterprises are finding new opportunities for introducing environmental technologies.

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Neighbors The most profitable movie of all

A little more than a month after its premiere, the Chinese war drama became the world leader in terms of box office grossing.

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Opinions Training is not a panacea

When you shouldn't spend your company's budget on employee training

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