September 18: current information on coronavirus in the Far East
Digest of regional events and latest statistics
Pulse of Charcoal - September 18

Coal industry - actual figures and facts. Partner project of the Modern Analytical Agency (CAA) and the EastRussia portal

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Interview Alexander Galushka: Russia needs a socio-economic General Staff

Targeted management of the country's socio-economic development and the implementation of the highest national priority - saving and multiplying the people of Russia, requires the creation of a new type of state body, believes the Deputy Secretary of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Coordinating Council of the RF Public Chamber for National Projects and National Saving, ex-Minister of the Russian Federation for the development of East Alexander Galushka.

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Analytics Lifting force of the Far Eastern aviation

On which planes, when and where the Far Easterners in the region will be able to fly, as well as the economics of the process of moving by air in the Far Eastern Federal District, were discussed at the profile session of EEF-2021

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  • Silver smelt
  • Spaceport to launch is ready!
  • We are very few
  • TOSER Khabarovsk Territory
  • Sea Inside
  • Khabarovsk
  • Kamchatka is unique
  • Russian America
  • 10 Wonders of the Far East
  • Culture and Traditions
Magadan region Gold and more: how the Magadan region attracts investors

In 2020, more than 49 tons of gold were mined in Kolyma - the last time this was in 1974.

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Primorsky Krai Plus hydrogenation of Russia

Significant agreements on the creation of a hydrogen cluster in Sakhalin and the Penzhinskaya power plant in Kamchatka were signed within the framework of the VI Eastern Economic Forum. Hydrogen energy has become one of the main topics of the EEF-2021.

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Analytics On the crest of the "green" wave ESG

The session of EEF-2021, dedicated to ESG - Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) - environmental, social and corporate governance, became one of the most controversial and significant at the sixth Eastern Economic Forum

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Special Projects
  • Coal of the East of Russia
  • Oil and gas of the East of Russia
  • Ecology of the East of Russia
  • Yakutsk Initiative
  • Finance of the East of Russia
  • # Unsuccessful - project about people who stayed
  • Far East hectare: history
  • TORA and Free Port
  • Heroes of the cosmodrome "Vostochny"
  • Financial literacy
  • Energy of the Far East Investment Forum
  • Demographic development of the Far East
Special reportage Far East in the palm of your hand

The Far East Street is the "place of power" of the Eastern Economic Forum.

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Analytics Offshore, welcome home!

Why offshore on Russky Island has a great future

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Analytics Make way for a new tariff and a new way!

The volume of coal transportation to the east is growing along with its price on the external market, there is not enough capacity, and Russian Railways has come up with an idea to raise the tariff.

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Primorsky Krai Giant projects of Muravyinaya Bay

Tourist and recreational cluster "Primorye" in Muravyinaya Bay is filled with new content

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Interview Baikalsk emerged from the shadow of the BPPM

Green economy, tourism, sports, environmentally friendly products - it is due to these areas that it is planned to bring the city of Baikalsk out of the protracted depression.

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Analytics Social Responsibility: A Cornerstone of Vostochny Port's Development

Vostochny Port Joint Stock Company is a modern specialised port and one of the largest stevedoring companies not only in the Far East, but in all of Russia. The company provides high-tech, environmentally sound transhipment of coal products from domestic producers to ports in the Asia-Pacific region and India.

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Khabarovsk Krai Under the blue sky there is the city of Komsomolsk

Five years ago, Komsomolsk-on-Amur was declared a city of presidential attention. The city was promised billions in injections and the construction of roads, dams, hospitals and other social facilities, which were supposed to radically improve the life of the Komsomol residents.

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Amur Region A hectare for a new life

Free land for starting a business can be obtained in the Far Eastern and Arctic regions of Russia

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Opinions Five mistakes sales managers make

Sales trainings are the main bread of a business trainer in our region - businesses invest in such training that can bring the fastest possible commercial result.

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The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Cluster Gross - responsibility to people and nature

The Gross gold mining cluster is stepping up assistance to municipal and social structures in the region where it operates.

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The Republic of Buryatia The Far East is waiting for millions of square meters of housing

Concessional lending programs and complex projects for the development of territories in the regions of the Far Eastern Federal District help to solve the housing problem of most citizens.

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Kamchatka Become the prey of the bear and survive

11 days in the forest without food, nine of them literally in the trees, were spent by a married couple in Kamchatka. Fleeing from the bear, they spent the night on the branches, taking turns holding each other so as not to fall from a height directly into the predator's paws.

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Analytics Lip for Elga

Albert Avdolyan's “A-Property” is planning to build a private railway from the Elginskoye deposit to the Udskaya Bay.

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The Republic of Buryatia Far Eastern personnel smithy announces general collection

The selection of managers for the Muravyov-Amursky 2030 program will last until November 10, 2021.

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Interview Sergey Kolesnikov: problems are being solved in the Far East for a long time

Co-owner and managing partner of TECHNONICOL corporation Sergey Kolesnikov - about infrastructure problems faced by business in the Far East

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Trans-Baikal Territory Heat-generating wood chips

Fuel pellets - pellets are an environmentally friendly and cheap alternative to coal. And in the Far East, it would seem, there are all conditions in order to establish mass production and transfer small boiler houses to this type of fuel. However, so far the pellets are "slipping" both in terms of production and sales.

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Neighbors Business in Chinese: ask for a lot and take what they give

Characteristics of businessmen from different regions of China

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Opinions Training is not a panacea

When you shouldn't spend your company's budget on employee training

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